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Ep. 157: Wes Saber - Serving as a Co-pilot for the Business Transformation Journey

Wes Saber, CFO for HARIBO of America, joins Count Me In to talk about the popular topic of business transformation. Wes has been an international leader in innovative management philosophy and business development for more than 22 years. His expertise in developing global enterprises has led him to his current role as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for HARIBO of America, producer of the #1 gummi in the U.S. He spearheaded the development of the $242M investment to build HARIBO’s first-ever U.S. factory, projected to create hundreds of career opportunities in the first phase build-out. In this episode, Wes talks about why business transformation is such a popular topic, his experience with transformations and the specific role(s) the finance team played, and how finance leaders can manage change and promote teamwork and adaptability. Download and listen now!

Ep. 156: Dr. Sean Stein Smith - Cryptoassets, NFTs, and DeFI

Dr. Sean Stein Smitha, CMA, CPA, CGMA, CFE, Assistant Professor at Lehman College, joins Count Me In for another episode relating to blockchain technology and cryptoassets. In this episode, Sean talks about the report from President's Working Group on Financial Markets on stablecoins, the ups and downs of NFTs, and the goal of decentralized finance. Dr. Sean Stein Smith is an award winning researcher, professor, entrepreneur, and enthusiast for blockchain, cryptoassets, and the impact on emerging technologies. He is a Forbes.com Contributor on crypto and blockchain, named to Accounting Today's Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting, and is also the Founder of the Institute for Blockchain & Cryptoasset Research. Download and listen now to hear his perspective on some of the recent newsworthy reports and information and his view on the implications these recommendations will have on the global landscape of cryptoassets.

Ep. 155: Jennifer Wolfenbarger - A Complete Look at Business Transformation

Jennifer Wolfenbarger, CMA, Vice President of Finance at Owens Corning, joins Count Me In to talk about business transformation. Business transformation is a term we often hear in finance and accounting, but there are numerous perspectives on the topic. Jennifer is a success driven, high impact and commercially astute executive that has a history of driving value creation, excelling in dynamic, fast paced and demanding environments and one who has a passion for driving continuous improvement. So, in this episode, she discusses her view on transformation, the finance function's role, various benchmarks to consider, and the value of change management. Download and listen now!

Ep. 154: Michael Burdick - The Future of Finance via the Freelance Economy

Michael Burdick, Founder, Chief Strategy Officer & Interim CFO at Paro, joins Count Me In to talk about how he is reimagining the finance and accounting industry via the freelance economy. Paro provides flexible finance and accounting solutions to businesses via their network of highly vetted freelance experts. Through a proprietary AI-powered platform, Paro precisely matches clients with the best-fit experts to solve problems and drive growth. As many discuss the "future of work" or the "future of finance", Michael highlights the value of "freedom of choice" in the freelance economy, empowering more individuals to make a greater impact and solve more problems. To learn more, download and listen now!

Ep. 153: Heather Polivka - Leading Hybrid & Remote Teams

Heather Polivka, Owner of HeatherP Solutions, is a trusted advisor, change agent, and speaker focused on working with progressive leaders of small and mid-sized businesses to accelerate revenue growth by creating work environments where people thrive. With the changing work environment over the last year and a half, remote and hybrid teams have proven to be very beneficial for many businesses, teams, and individuals. In this episode, Heather discusses what those benefits are and addresses the necessary changes leaders need to make in order to adapt their styles and overcome any lingering challenges associate with a dispersed workforce. Download and listen now!

Ep. 152: Nishant Nair - Modernizing Legacy Systems

Nishant Nair, CEO and Founder of RecVue, an enterprise-grade recurring billing and revenue management platform, joins Count Me In to talk about the value and importance of modernizing your legacy systems and streamlining your corporate structure. Nishant has spent 20+ years helping companies embrace quote-to-cash, subscription, and consumption-based processes and technologies to drive business growth. He has strong experience in leading business process and systems transformation at high growth, global companies including LinkedIn, Yelp, Pinterest, Dropbox, Lumosity, Equinix, Fujitsu, Walmart.com, Openwave, and Laserscope. Nishant is also a frequent speaker at leading industry events and a valued contributor to the Forbes Technology Council. In this episode, Nishant speaks with the IMA team about implementing new financial systems, trends in the financial services industry, and how these modernizations will ultimately lead to newer innovations. Download and listen now!

Ep. 151: Hema Vyas - Passionate and Emotional Leadership

Hema Vyas, The Omnipreneurial Psychologist™, joins Count Me In to talk about the significance of heart, passion, and emotion when it comes to leadership and building high-performance teams. Hema is a corporate wellness and life leadership mentor, a keynote speaker, a facilitator and author, a human capital strategist, a philanthropist, and a positive impact investor. As an established expert and consultant in all matters related to heart intelligence, Ayurveda, spirituality, and conscious living, she users her almost 30 years of expertise to develop concepts such as Omnipreneurship, which speaks to the heart of her approach to business development. Hema provides individual, group, and corporate services with a personal touch. Her goal is to guide clients, those from CEOs to Creatives, towards Heart Wisdom & Prosperity that is good for people and our planet. Here, she discusses matters including the heart, passion, trust, and leadership to build high-performance teams. Download and listen now!

Ep. 150: Mfon Akpan - Social Media ROI for Finance and Accounting

Mfon Akpan is an assistant professor of accounting at Methodist University. He has a passion for emerging technologies and is an expert in virtual reality technology. He researches new technologies and educational methods to offer students a current, effective, and relative teaching experience. In this episode of Count Me In, Mfon discusses the value of social media and its implications for accounting and finance professionals. Download and listen now!

Ep. 149: Kevin Au - Accounting in 2025 and Beyond

Kevin Au, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Bill.com, joins Count Me In to talk about the changes to the roles and responsibilities of accountants. Kevin currently leads a team of product and customer marketers to grow Bill.com's largest revenue-generating Accountant and Wealth Management segments and Payments products. He has over 15 years of experience working in the high-tech and financial services industries around product marketing, product development, customer experience, product/business operations, and corporate strategy. The last 18+ months have presented tremendous learning and growth opportunities for accountants and businesses, and Kevin joins us to discuss which of those changes are likely to stay as well as what else is to come by 2025 and beyond. Download and listen now!

Ep. 148: Gregory Kogan - Self-service Analytics

Gregory Kogan, CPA, joins Count Me In to talk about the value and importance of self-service analytics. Greg is a professor of practice in accounting at Long Island University focusing on teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in accounting and finance. He received his MBA from Rutgers Business School in Accounting and a Bachelors in Science in Computer Science from Rutgers University. He is also currently pursuing his Doctorate in Business Administration at the University of Scranton with the research focus of data analytics in accounting. In this episode, you will hear Greg talk about what is driving the accelerated pace of analytics adoption, how organizations can and should focus on self-service tooling for their analytics, and how data governance continues to play a role. Download and listen now!

Ep. 147: Jason Whitley - CFOs as Effective Business Partners

Jason Whitley, Chief Financial Officer at PHI Inc., joins Count Me In to talk about how CFOs can become effective business partners. Jason has served as CFO of PHI Group, Inc. a global provider of helicopter transportation and technical services for the Oil and Gas and Air Medical industries since June 2020. He has a broad and diverse background as a financial executive with over 30 years of global industry experience. Prior to joining the company, he served as Vice President of Finance with Arcosa leading the finance organization for the Energy Equipment Segment. Prior to Arcosa, he spent twelve years in multiple senior finance positions including divisional CFO at Siemens and Dresser-Rand. He began his career in finance at Procter and Gamble and later at Motorola. In this episode, Jason discusses the crucial skills finance leaders need to be effective business partners, how to develop those skills, and why CFOs are so valuable in building their organizations for sustainable success. Download and listen now!

BONUS | Global Ethics Day 2021

Russell Porter, CMA, CFM, CSCA, CFO and Senior Vice President, Strategy, Technology and Analytics at IMA, joins Count Me In as IMA celebrates Global Ethics Day. This year, October 20 is Global Ethics Day, a day created by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. The day is an annual moment to empower ethics through the actions of individuals and organizations. It takes place annually on the third Wednesday of every October. Ethics lies at the heart of the management accounting profession and IMA considers ethics to be foundational to its work and core values. For this special Count Me In podcast in honor of this day, we are delighted to have IMA’s CFO, Russell Porter, discuss why ethics is so important to management accounting and financial oversight of organizations. IMA’s Manager of Brand Content and Storytelling, Margaret Michaels, will ask Russ to share his experiences working in management accounting profession, some of the ethical dilemmas that can arise, and how he learned to navigate questions around ethics to steer the organizations he has worked for in the right direction. He will also provide information on IMA resources that are available to members who want to learn more about navigating ethics. Download and listen now!

Ep. 146: Patti Humble - Developing Others Starts With Me!

Patti Humble, Chief Accounting Officer of United Parcel Service (UPS) headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, joins Count Me In to talk about the value of knowing yourself and the impact it can have as a leader seeking to develop others. Patti is the direct advisor to the Chief Financial Officer on SEC reporting, M&A, global record to report shared service center operations, and accounting transformation strategic initiatives. Her responsibilities include SEC reporting, technical accounting compliance, Audit Committee communications and investor relations support. In this episode, she talks about what it means to "know yourself" and the steps you can take to successfully gain a better understanding of who you really are as a person and a leader. In doing so, listeners can become more adaptable leaders and find ways to further develop and strengthen themselves and their teams. Download and listen now!

Ep. 145: Claire Chandler - Calculating Business Value

Claire Chandler, President and Founder of Talent Boost, joins Count Me In to discuss what accounting and finance professionals often get wrong when calculating business value. Claire is an Acquisition Integration and Onboarding Specialist She is also a "corporate survivor" who draws upon almost 30 years of business, leadership and consulting experience to advise the investment community on how to turn the biggest wildcard - people - into their safest bet. While leadership capacity and depth of talent have the greatest impact on the success or failure of any business, most investors believe that this "wildcard" is impossible to measure. Not true! In this episode, Claire discusses various aspects of M&A activities and helps listeners understand what accounting and finance professionals can do RIGHT when calculating business value. Download and listen now!

Ep. 144: Sarah Hoxie - The People Side of Business Transformation

Sarah Hoxie, Chief Accounting Officer at LSC Communications, overseas all aspects of accounting and leadership of a company-wide operational performance improvement project that is generating significant financial impact and sustainable improvements in operating effectiveness. Sarah joined Count Me In to talk about what business transformation means to her and share some of her experiences. Oftentimes, teams or individuals overlook the foundation of all business transformation projects--the people. Sarah explains how these transformations and role changes can impact the team or organizational culture. Download and listen to hear more about some of the challenges and how to overcome them!

Ep. 143: Michael Schmit - What’s the Company ‘Why’ – Value Creation thru Transformation

Michael L. Schmit, CPA, is the Corporate Controller and Chief Accounting Officer of the Schweitzer-Mauduit International Inc. (SWM), a publicly traded, multinational diversified producer of highly engineered solutions and advanced materials for a variety of industries, headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia (NYSE: SWM). SWM has been experiencing rapid growth over the last few years and their accounting team has been going through a business transformation, which Michael has been the leader of. This transformation includes implementation of robotic process automation (RPA), improved operational analytics, and several process improvements to meet the needs of the growing business. Michael's career spans over 25 years where he has held leadership roles in financial reporting, operations and management accounting, finance, internal and external audit, as well as shared services. And, in this episode, he shares what has gone in to his current business transformation project, how it compares to previous transformations, and how technology and the future of work play a role. His main takeaway? Businesses must understand their "why" and the specific goals they hope to achieve through transformation. Download and listen to the whole episode now!

Ep. 142: Sylvana Caloni - Failure has a Purpose

Sylvana Caloni, PCC, joins Count Me In to talk about the benefits of failure and the way aspiring leaders can help grow themselves and their businesses. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accredited by the International Coach Federation and truly values professional competency, ethics, and standards. She has undertaken continuing professional development to engage her own coaches, mentors and supervisors. Sylvana recently co-authored "Humble Crumbles: Savouring the crumbs of wisdom from the rise and fall of Humble Pie". She provides insights and experiences from her dual lenses as leadership coach and financial analyst as she explores the entrepreneurial journey of Paul O'Donnell, a serial entrepreneur. In this episode, she highlights how and why failure has a purpose and failure is part of the process to success! Download and listen now.

Ep. 141: Anders Liu-Lindberg - INFLUENCING as a Business Partner

Anders Liu-Lindberg, Partner, COO and CMO of the Business Partnering Institute, joins Count Me In again to share more of his insights into business partnering. In episode 45 of our series, Anders covered exactly what business partnering entails, how to get more time as a business partner, and the development process for ultimately creating an impact for your organization - insights x influence. This time around, Anders specifically discusses the key components of INFLUENCE and explains how finance and accounting professionals can increase their influence with finance leaders. For step-by-step instructions on how to gain influence and hear how it ultimately leads to impact, download and listen to this episode now!

Ep. 140: Dana Pascarella - Staff Development Strategies

Dana Pascarella, VP of Finance at WESCO International, joins Count Me In to talk about staff development. WESCO International, Inc., a publicly traded FORTUNE 500® company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a leading provider of electrical business-to-business distribution, logistics services and supply chain solutions. Dana is a finance executive with extensive accounting, finance and treasury experience, and has expertise in various areas including mergers and acquisitions, debt financings, tax reorganizations, business growth strategy and technology upgrades. For the past year and a half she has been involved in the due diligence, financing and integration of a transformative acquisition, and now the development and execution of strategic initiatives. In this episode, she explains key areas to focus on in developing finance staff, methods and types of trainings for upskilling, and how to create a timeline and map out a plan for successful staff development. Download and listen now!

Ep. 139: Jennifer Booth - 2021 Lease Liabilities

Jennifer Booth, VP of Accounting at LeaseQuery, has nearly 20 years of experience in her field. She spent the majority of her career at EY before joining the LeaseQuery team. After joining LeaseQuery, Jennifer helped implement processes that emphasized training on the new lease accounting guidance and fostered collaboration between the Accounting team and the Product team. Jennifer is a subject matter expert when it comes to the accounting guidance and is aware of the ripple effects of the new lease accounting standards. So, in this episode of Count Me In, she discusses LeaseQuery's 2021 Lease Liabilities Index and how she suggests business companies reach lease accounting compliance. Download and listen now!

Ep. 138: Don Scherer - Leveraging AI to Tackle Tax Changes

Donald Scherer, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of CrossBorder Solutions, one of the fastest growing fintech companies in the world. The company employs AI to help multinational corporations comply with global tax regulations. In this episode, Don explains what tax changes the industry needs to be aware of and discusses exactly what differentiates CrossBorder Solutions from other companies when it comes to implementing solutions. He also addresses the importance of human knowledge, first and foremost, in addition to artificial intelligence. Download and listen now!

BONUS | Celebrating 100,000 CMAs

IMA certified CMA #100,000! Since 1972, IMA has now certified more than 100,000 management accounting professionals, helping them advance their careers and to make a difference within their organizations and communities. To celebrate this milestone, IMA has planned a month-long celebration to promote the impact the CMA has had on the accounting and finance profession. To kick-off the celebration, IMA’s Brand Content and Storytelling manager, Margaret Michaels, spoke with IMA’s Senior Vice President of Certifications, Exams, and Content Integration, Dennis Whitney, about the state of the management accounting profession and the trends impacting its future. Congratulations to all the CMAs! Congratulations to IMA! Download and listen to the milestone bonus episode now!

Ep. 137: Demetrios Frangiskatos - SPAC Market and Considerations

Demetrios Frangiskatos, CPA, Co-Leader of BDO’s SPAC (Special-Purpose Acquisition Company) Assurance practice, joins Count Me In to talk about what companies need to know when it comes to SPAC-associated risks and considerations. Demetrios specializes in mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, internal controls and reporting audits, and all aspects of SEC reporting. His background includes engagements both domestic and international, ranging from emerging-growth to Fortune 500 companies. In this episode, you will hear about factors that are currently driving SPAC activity, what the implications are, and the outlook for the rest of 2021 into 2022. Download and listen now!

Ep. 136: David Shar - Managing Burnout

David Shar, founder of Illuminate PMC and creator of the FTF Burnout-Proof Culture Model, joins Count Me In to talk about business culture and how to manage burnout. David has decades of leadership experience coupled with advanced degrees and research experience in Industrial / Organizational Psychology (Business Psychology) and is a keynote speaker, consultant, and trainer specializing in helping organizations improve their leadership and culture, combat burnout, and design meaningful work. In this episode, he helps define burnout, discusses how the global pandemic impacted business culture and individuals in the workplace, and offers insight into how everyone can manage burnout.

Ep. 135: James Burton - Crisis can lead to Opportunity

James Burton, Chief Growth Officer at Personal Capital, is a 30-year veteran of the financial industry. he’s held executive and C-level positions at some of the most respected financial institutions in the world. Now he’s come out of retirement to step into a role that was too exciting to resist — chief growth officer at fintech trailblazer Personal Capital. Winston Churchill once said, "“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” And James has adopted this as his mantra. In this episode, hear how he and his company helped clients navigate the COVID-19 crisis, how this wisdom applies to regular business fluctuation, and how crisis (no matter how big or small) can lead to great opportunity. Download and listen now!

Ep. 134: Karri Callahan - Preparing Finance Leaders for Success

Karri Callahan, CFO at global real estate company RE/MAX, joins Count Me In to share some tips and strategies for CFOs and Finance leaders to prepare themselves for the demands of today's business environment. Karri oversees all finance, accounting, tax, treasury, investor relations, legal, compliance and risk management functions at RE/MAX Holdings, Inc. and its affiliated companies, including RE/MAX, LLC and Motto Franchising, LLC. As part of the executive leadership team, She plays a key role in the development and execution of major strategic initiatives. In this episode, she explains how aspiring leaders can position themselves to share strategic insights, how to upskill with technology, and how to build inclusive environments. Download and listen now!

Ep. 133: Hilla Sferruzza - The CFO's Four Lines of Sight

Hilla Sferruzza, MBA, CPA has been the Chief Financial Officer, Executive VP for Meritage Homes Corporation (NYSE:MTH) since 2016 and its Chief Accounting Officer, Senior Vice President, Corporate Controller since 2008. In this episode of Count Me In, Hilla joins the show to talk about the evolving role of the CFO and the four lines of sight they must possess. With experience ranging from hospitality to financial institutions and culminating in her current role in real estate and construction, she is familiar with a wide breadth of public company operational best practices. She is a subject matter expert on financial modeling, budgeting and forecasting, and process improvement opportunities. She also oversees infrastructure, application and development information technology, giving her great perspective on the topic of today's conversation. Download and listen now!

Ep. 132: James Stark - CFO Skills and Competencies

James Stark, Egon Zehnder’s Financial Officers, Industrial and Board practices, joins Count Me In to talk about the necessary skills and competencies of CFOs today. James is a seasoned finance leader and was kind enough to share his insights and views on the challenging global landscape, as well as the must-haves for finance leaders. He addresses what CFOs need to evolve and optimize in order to drive value to their careers and respective organizations. Download and listen now!

Ep. 131: Marco Otti - Budgeting Revisited

Marco Otti, Group Controller at Autoneum, joins Count Me In to talk about budgeting. Marco is a finance business partner who supports the decision-making of Autoneum’s top management and Board of Directors. He ensures transparency and visibility of financial data and he contributes to group-wide annual budgeting, monthly forecasting, and 3-year financial planning process. In this episode, he talks about some of the issues with traditional and better budgeting, the essential functions of budgets, and why now is the time for CFOs to rethink how they plan. Marco is a 2021 IMA Exemplary Young Professional and recently wrote an article published in Strategic Finance titled "Budgeting Revisited". Download and listen to the episode now!

Ep. 130: Keith Terreri - The Intersection of a CFO & CIO

Keith Terreri, Chief Financial Officer and SVP of Corporate Operations & IT at NECAM, joins Count Me In to talk about the intersection of the CFO and CIO roles. Keith is a highly motivated, personable, and versatile financial executive with over 30 years of finance experience. Keith has spent a significant amount of time in his years at NEC reducing the cost structure at NECAM where over $25 million in RHQ costs have been reduced. His current responsibilities include Accounting, FP&A, SCM, Corporate Operations and IT. In this episode, he talks about what the convergence of these various responsibilities looks like on a daily basis and how the functions blend so well together. Regardless of the size of the business, Keith believes finance and technology serve as the foundation for control, risk mitigation, and cybersecurity for any organization, so download and listen now!

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