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BONUS | Neil Baier - CMAs Making a Difference

Neil Baier, CMA, CFM, VP of Finance at Crescent Crown Distributing, joins Count Me In as part of the "CMAs Making a Difference" campaign, a part of a worldwide initiative at IMA. In this episode, Neil discusses how IMA and the CMA have continued to offer value to his career and shares some of his professional accomplishments, thanks to his education and certification. To hear more about how the CMA credential and CMAs make a difference, download and listen now!

Ep. 107: Clive Webb - The Skills for the CFO of the Future

Clive Webb, Senior Insights Manager at ACCA, Qualified Chartered Accountant with global experience, joins Count Me In to talk about how the role of the CFO has evolved and what skills are needed to adapt and thrive in the position. He is currently working for ACCA on a number of research projects including role of Accounting Technicians and use of robotics and artificial intelligence in accounting and finance. This episode focuses more on evolving skills and explains how aspiring CFOs can develop them. Download and listen now!

Ep. 106: Loreal Jiles - An Agile Approach to Finance Transformation

Loreal Jiles, IMA’s Director of Research for Digital Technology & Finance Transformation, joins Count Me In to talk about the trending theme of agile. In this episode, she explains what an agile finance function looks like, defines "scrum", and shares how finance teams are already using agile and scrum. If you're hoping to get started and are looking for more information on implementing an agile approach to finance transformation, download and listen now!

Ep. 105: Roland Abi Najem - Cybersecurity Practices

Roland Abi Najem, CST, SCD, Founder & CEO of Revotips - Expert Tech Consultants, joins Count Me In to talk about cybersecurity. Roland is a cybersecurity and digital transformation consultant and expert, public speaker, and certified professional trainer with great experience in the areas of IT and cybersecurity. In this episode, we dive into the world of cybersecurity to better understand the evolution of the industry (particularly in the Middle East region), the risk areas, and how finance and accounting professionals can be better prepared to enhance digital safety measures which safeguard the welfare of their companies amid massive digital transformation. Download and listen now!

Ep. 104: Ed Lam - Building a Continuous Improvement Culture

Edward Lam, Chief Accounting Officer at Exeter Finance, joins Count Me In to talk about building a culture around continuous improvement, the future of work, and implementing various leadership strategies to best guide and shape an effective accounting and finance function. In this episode, Ed talks about how he has witnessed his own job change in the last 3-5 years, what he's done to develop change management skills in alignment with the necessary shift in responsibilities, and how to get buy-in from all stakeholders involved. To wrap up the conversation, Ed also shares his thoughts and what is still to come for accounting and finance professionals. Download and listen now!

BONUS | Karmin Bailey - IMA's D&I Toolkit

Karmin Bailey, Senior Manager, Procurement & Business Diversity at Columbus Regional Airport Authority and member of IMA's Diversity & Inclusion Committee, joins Count Me In to talk about the IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit. The D&I Committee compiled the leading best practices to help assist in D&I program implementation in an easy-to-use toolkit, and Karmin served as the primary author. In this episode, she explains the purpose and reasoning for creating this resource, how management accountants can apply it, and how to get organizational buy-in. IMA embraces a culture of open-mindedness and encourages multiple perspectives to enhance our collaborative solutions, drive innovation, and create and deliver value in all that we do, and Karmin shares her perspectives on how to do so with these best practices. Download and listen now!

Ep. 103: Matthias Tillmann - Managing Industry Disruption & Crisis Management

Matthias Tillmann, Chief Financial Officer at trivago, joins Count Me In to talk about the challenges the industry faced following the global pandemic and how they were able to sustain their business. Trivago obviously faced a drastic decline in demand through the early parts of 2020, but Matthias explains how they were able to scale back in certain areas while preserving business operations and really making sure their focus remained on the talent within the organization. This episode is specific to one industry and the recent crisis, but these crisis management plans and strategic business decisions to enable continued business are valuable for any organization or industry! Download and listen now.

Ep. 102: Liv Watson & David Wray: Non-Financial Standards Digitizing Transformation and Sustainability Reporting

Liv Watson, Sr. Director of Strategic Customer Initiatives at Workiva, and David Wray, Sr. Director of Accounting and Reporting at Huawei, come back to Count Me In and talk about non-financial standards for digitizing transformation and sustainability reporting. The Impact Management Project has a Non-Financial Digitization Working Group, which Liv chairs, and David chairs the economic workstream within the working group. They have two purposes: (1) determine the best way forward to develop a fit for purposefully digitized, transparent and integrated public good ecosystem for non-financial reporting globally; and, (2) ensure that non-financial information is structured, reliable and accessible to all-benefiting stakeholders, society at large, and our planet. In this episode, they talk about non-financial disclosures and the need, practically tackling these issues, and what the accounting profession can do to support this transformation. Download and listen now!

BONUS | Kavya Ramesh - CMAs Making a Difference

Kavya Ramesh is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Technogro Analytics, LLP, a company that provides technology consulting services to the hospitality industry. She joins Count Me In as part of the "CMAs Making a Difference" campaign, a part of a worldwide initiative at IMA. In this episode, Kavya discusses what the CMA has done for her career, how she plans on using the credential to advance in her career, and shares some of her other career accomplishments. She is based in Bangalore, India and earned her CMA while she was still a student at Jain University, from which she graduated with honors. To hear more about how the CMA credential and CMAs make a difference, download and listen now!

Ep. 101: Dell Ann Janney & Wendy Tietz - HyFlex Teaching Model

Dell Ann Janney, Associate Dean of Experiential Education & External Relations and Professor of Accounting & MBA Program Chair at Culver-Stockton College, and Wendy Tietz, Accounting Professor at Kent State University and author, join Count Me In to talk about the Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) teaching model and its applications to accounting education. The HyFlex model has gained significant popularity following the need for remote teaching and learning. Dell Ann and Wendy explain exactly what the model does for teachers and students, and how to overcome some of the challenges that may arise. Download and listen now!

Ep. 100: Rachael Bertrandt Crump - Global Leadership Perspectives

Rachael Bertrandt Crump, CPA, CGMA, Global Corporate Controller, Principal Accounting Officer at Insight, joins Count Me In to talk about her perspective on global leadership. While working for a leading provider of computer hardware, software, cloud solutions and IT services to business, government, education and healthcare clients, she has developed many skills and understands what it takes to be a global leader. From personal attributes to the importance of organizational culture, Rachael discusses how individuals and firms can truly grow global leadership talent. Download and listen now!

Ep. 99: Andrea Williams - The Future of Accounting Work

Andrea Williams, Sr. Vice President and Controller at Perdue Foods, joins Count Me In to talk about the future of accounting work, ethical considerations, and the impact of technology on the profession. Andrea is an experienced Senior Vice President with a demonstrated history of working in the food production industry. She's skilled in Food & Beverage, Budgeting, Food Processing, Manufacturing, and Consumer Products, and has a strong professional graduated from Salisbury University. Andrea explains how she has seen the management accountant's role evolve over time, what she expects to see from finance and accounting professionals in the future, and shares some advice to listeners for their own future considerations. Download and listen now!

Ep. 98: Nicole Gonzalez Cumberbatch - Working Parents Working from Home

Nicole Gonzalez Cumberbatch, VP of Finance and HR at Setnor Byer Insurance & Risk, joins Count Me In to discuss some of the challenges working parents are facing while working from home during the global pandemic. Nicole is a senior accounting professional with over 17 years of experience and also currently serves on IMA's Diversity & Inclusion Committee. She is passionate about mentorship and leadership, and she knows the importance of helping others juggle their various priorities in today's work environment. Nicole provides some action finance and accounting professionals can take and policies or strategies they can implement to feel more supported and empowered during this time. Download and listen now!

Ep. 97: Eli Amdur - Explaining What Today's Business Environment Means for Your Personal Development

Eli Amdur, Career and Executive Coach, Journalist, and Keynote Speaker, joins Count Me In to help listeners navigate through today's business environment and how to develop the skills required for the future. Eli has helped countless clients and contacts develop their leadership skills and provided career advice, most recently a number during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode, he addresses some of the issues he sees from his perspective about organizational decisions being made, what the long-term implications of those decisions may be, and what individuals can do to continue developing the skills needed to be "ready" for the "unpredictable". With some real-life examples and cases, Eli paints a great picture for listeners to take a step back and look at the importance of upskilling, reskilling, and preparing for what's next. Download and listen now!

Ep. 96: Amir Tabch - Tapping Into FinTech in the Middle East

Amir Tabch, Chartered MCSI, MFTA, CFTe, MSTA, Senior Executive, Global Wealth & WealthTech Management, Board Avisor, and finance professional, joins Count Me In to discuss how organizations can tap into FinTech in the Middle East. With co-host Rouba Zeidan, he shares his views on the state of the sector in the region and how finance and accounting professionals can leverage these disruptive technologies to better support and advise the companies they work for. Download and listen now!

Ep. 95: Brad Ledford - What Does the Job Market Look Like Now?

Brad Ledford, CMA, CPA, President of DHG Search in South Carolina, joins Count Me In to talk about today's job market. New obstacles have placed themselves between accounting and finance professionals and permanent job roles. But new opportunities have presented themselves, too! There are a lot of new norms when it comes to job searching, job recruiting, interviewing, and hiring, and Brad explains what to expect along the whole journey. From popular positions to struggling industries, he is able to answer questions that many of our listeners may have relating to finding a new job following the economic shift and remote work environment. "...be positive, be optimistic, and then look for those new ways to plug-in in this new environment." Download and listen now!

BONUS | Asha Merugu - Gender Parity in Finance

Asha Merugu, Senior Manager in EY GDS, joins Count Me In to discuss her journey up the career ladder. In this episode, Asha outlines the challenges and strategies to excel as a woman in the finance sector in India and describes how she was able to overcome these obstacles and demonstrate her abilities to be an organizational leader. The finance and accounting scene in India currently consists of private and government sectors driving major business initiatives to promote gender parity, and Asha shares her perspective on everything happening. Download and listen now!

Ep. 94: Neta Meidav - Internal Ethical Reporting

Neta Meidav, co-Founder and CEO of Vault, joins Count Me In to talk about the benefits of a new internal ethical reporting platform and how it can help organizations overcome the pitfalls of their traditional reporting procedures and whistleblower policies. Trusted and transparent standards for reporting workplace misconduct makes employees 8% more likely to report such cases, and technology backed by proper research can do just that! Download our episode and listen now to hear more about ethics, reporting, and Vault, the technology which underpins today's Cultural Workplace Revolution.

BONUS | Jolene Lampton - Global Ethics Day

Jolene A. Lampton, Ph.D., CPA, CGMA, and CFE, Professor of Management/Accounting and Area Coordinator of MBA - Accounting Programs at Park University | Austin Campus School of Business, joins Count Me In to talk about the meaning of Global Ethics Day. As a member of IMA’s Committee on Ethics, Jolene has a strong belief that all organizations should have their foundations rooted in ethics. And ethical foundations start with people. Giving-voice-to-values is a powerful tool for the development of a strong ethical culture and Jolene helps listeners understand how they can align their values with their organization. Download and listen now!

Ep. 93: Loutfi Echehade - Maneuvering Business following Crisis

Family businesses are an integral part of the regional economic landscapes and stand to be impacted the most with current circumstances. In this episode of Count Me In, Loutfi Echehade, a seasoned financial advisor to family businesses in Saudi Arabia and the region discusses implications of COVID-19 and shares much needed insight on how such business owners can maneuver at such a critical time in their history.

Ep. 92: Liv Watson & David Wray - Digital Transformation: Business Reporting in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Liv Watson, Sr. Director of Strategic Customer Initiatives at Workiva, and David Wray, Sr. Director of Accounting and Reporting at Huawei, join Count Me In to talk about the recently published paper by IMA that they co-authored, which calls for a digital transformation to solve a critical market problem of cost and risk of compliance. The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) estimates fragmented regulations cost the financial industry sector alone $780 billion annually. IDC has predicted that worldwide data will grow 61% per year, from 33 zettabytes to 175 zettabytes by 2025. IBM estimated annual costs incurred from low-quality data in the United States alone in 2016 reached $3.1 trillion. These staggering numbers highlight the critical need for accounting and compliance professionals and processes to transform in order to overcome these challenges—and do so fast. And Liv and David discuss exactly what that all means for you and your organization! To hear more about the RegData process, the imminent data revolution, what the future holds for data and compliance or what accounting professionals need to do to remain invaluable organizational resources, download and listen to the episode now!

Ep. 91: Deepika Chawla - Women in Finance

Deepika Chawla, VP Finance in a Fortune 500 company in India, joins Count Me In to talk with Rouba Zeidan about how she has built a successful career in the finance sector over the past two decades in India. A well-known professional in the industry, Deepika shares her journey to the top and discusses the various challenges women face in the accounting and finance field in India. Download and listen now to hear her inspiring and successful journey!

Ep. 90: Andy Kettlewell - Volatility of Supply and Demand

Andy Kettlewell, VP of Inventory & Analytics at Walgreens, joins Count Me In to talk about the recent volatility of demand due to COVID-19 and the impact of volatility in supply when it comes to answering the question, "How much inventory can/should I procure?". During the last few months, many look at the consumers when exploring various demands, but it is important to recognize the effects on supply chain, too. Andy, who has over 15 years of experience working in supply chain and inventory, talks about how your accounting and finance team can shape its budget to take into consideration the various volatility factors and make better business decisions through the use of technology. Download and listen now!

Ep. 89: Mai Luu - Alternatives to Venture Capital for Small Businesses

Mai Luu, CMA, CPA, CFE, COO of Commonwealth Capital LLC, joins Count Me In to talk about the recent results small businesses have been faced with following the global pandemic and explains what funding options they have to rebuild and stay true to their vision. Mai is also the Founder and Owner at Outsourced CFO, Controller, and Back Office Accounting, and recently co-founded and serves as the CEO of White Mountain LLC, an American firm specializing in Made-in-Vietnam personal protective equipment (PPE). In this episode, she summarizes the economic impact of COVID-19 and shares her perspective on how small businesses can renew and reset their strategies to improve cash flow and liquidity. Because of the high-risk nature of small businesses and the selectiveness of venture capital firms, these small- to mid-size enterprises may need to look at alternatives to funding. Download and listen to the episode now to hear how!

Ep. 88: Karin Baggstrom - How Has COVID-19 Accelerated Business?

Karin Baggström is the co-founder and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at STARZPLAY (www.starzplay.com), the leading subscription video on demand (SVOD) service that streams to over 20 countries across Asia, Middle East and North Africa. As the CFO, Karin has driven the development and implementation of the company’s financial strategy and operating model. She has played a key role in securing investments, from the first seed investment to the later rounds, through to its subsequent growth and expansion taking STARZPLAY to its market leading position with more than 1.7 million subscribers. Thanks to a sound financial strategy, STARZPLAY is now on the brink of profitability just over five years from its launch, a very short time frame for an SVOD service in an emerging market. Karin has spent the best part of the last two decades working with technology start-ups throughout Europe and more recently in the MENA region. Before joining STARZPLAY, she co-founded a taxi-app start-up that pioneered in Stockholm and in 2012 she joined the HBO Nordic venture, a joint venture between HBO Inc. and a Swedish technology services company. In this episode of Count Me In, Karin talks about how the digital transformation in finance and accounting has played a role in the STARZPLAY business model, explains how her company has reported an increase in the number of subscribers throughout this pandemic, and shares her thoughts on how difficult times can accelerate business. Download and listen now!

Ep. 87: Jason Pierce - Where'd the money go? Auditing, Forensic Accounting, and Business Valuation

Jason Pierce, CPA, CMA, CFM, CVA, MAFF is a partner with the firm Edelstein & Company LLP in Boston. Prior to moving to Massachusetts, he was a partner at an Alaskan CPA firm and a valuation manager for an RSM McGladrey network firm. Jason specializes in financial forensics and business valuations for dispute and transaction-related engagements. In this episode of Count Me In, he talks about how he got into this specialization and how all his accounting skills have been transferable. He also explains the importance of data and data analytics when it comes to completing his assignments. Jason is a lead instructor for NACVA’s Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF) and a regular speaker at other professional organizations. Jason is an active member of the Massachusetts Society of CPA’s (Business Valuation Committee) and the Boston Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants (Vice President - Education). Download and listen now to hear an interesting and engaging conversation!

Ep. 86: Mitchell Powell - Financial Performance Management

Mitchell Powell, CFO at H.J. Russell & Company, is a versatile, creative, well-rounded, and hands-on CFO who brings broad functional breadth and team leadership. Throughout his career, he has a successful and demonstrable track record of putting in place scalable, best-in-class finance teams and financial infrastructure. In this episode, Mitchell shares his insight and perspective on financial performance management software. He explains the basic benefits for those who may be new to FPM and shares some use cases to illustrate how it can further improve the operations of those who do have a background with the software. For practical applications and more information on financial performance management, download and listen now!

BONUS | Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh - Women in Finance

Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh, CFO of Dun & Bradstreet Technologies, joins Rouba Zeidan of Count Me In to talk about women as leaders in the finance industry. Sangeeta has received recognition and numerous accolades, including “Leading Woman Chief Financial Officer in India”, “India’s most influential women in Finance” by rediff.com, "Innovator in Finance” at International Women Leaders Forum, “100 inspiring authors of India”, and was awarded the "Outstanding Professional” Award by FICCI. In this episode, Sangeeta and Rouba tackle gender equality in India, rising up the corporate ladder and leadership amid COVID-19. Sangeeta also shares her expertise on managing company finances during this pandemic as well as her advice on optimizing career opportunities for young finance professionals. Download and listen now!

Ep. 85: Russell Porter - Adapting Leadership and Management Strategies in a Crisis

Russ Porter, Vice President of Finance and Planning for IBM, joins Count Me In to talk about how he adapted his leadership and management strategies to manage his team during the global pandemic. Russ has been with the company for over 27 years in a variety of financial leadership positions, and has worked across finance disciplines and cultures around the world. Russ believes that while Accounting and Finance are often perceived to be only about numbers, our profession is really about people. When facing crises like the current pandemic, that focus on people takes on an even greater importance, as teams collaborate across organizations to help companies and institutions survive, or even thrive. In this conversation, he shares some strategies for employee engagement when nearly everyone is working out of the office. Download and listen now!

Ep. 84: Jason Krantz - Data and Analytics | Driving Business Strategy

Jason Krantz, Founder and CEO of Strategy Titan, joins Count Me In to talk about data, analytics, strategy, and risk mitigation. Jason has over 10 years of business analytics, data science, and strategic leadership experience in public and private equity owned business. With like-minded data scientists and strategists, he formed Strategy Titan, a data analytics company that helps organizations grow their top lines, bottom lines, and valuations by "weaponizing" data and transforming it into a competitive advantage. In this episode, you'll hear Jason talk about the difference between "data and analytics" and "data analytics", how these analytics strategies need to drive the overall business strategy, and how aligning your organization's strategies will help mitigate risk. Download and listen now!

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