Ep. 270: Jane Sarah Lat - Mastering Data Integrity

Join host Adam Larson as he sits down with data integrity expert and author, Jane Sarah Lat, to uncover essential insights from her book, Managing Data Integrity for Finance. Jane breaks down the critical concepts of data integrity and data quality, using relatable analogies and real-world applications.

In this episode, Jane shares the importance of maintaining accurate and reliable data in today's tech-driven finance landscape. She highlights the tools and techniques that can elevate your data game, including Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, powerful business intelligence tools like Power BI and Tableau, and the advanced Amazon Quantum Ledger Database.

But that's not all! Jane also touches on the exciting rise of generative AI and its potential impacts on data integrity. Whether you’re a finance professional looking to upskill or just a curious learner, this episode is packed with practical tips and valuable insights. Don’t miss out—tune in and elevate your understanding of data integrity today!

Creators and Guests

Adam Larson
Adam Larson
Producer and co-host of the Count Me In podcast
Jane Sarah Lat
Jane Sarah Lat
Jane Sarah Lat is a commercially astute and globally experienced finance consultant with 14+ years in financial management and analysis. She has a background working in finance for blue chip multinational organizations. She is passionate about educating people at all levels within an organization about data, technology, metrics, and profitability. She is the President of the Institute of Management Accountants Australia and New Zealand Chapter, and the author of the book “Managing Data Integrity for Finance” published in January 2024.
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