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Ep. 187: Braden Cadenelli – Bringing sustainable practices to the food industry

Adam Larson speaks with Braden Cadenelli about the challenges of bringing sustainable practices to the food industry. As a professional baker and pastry chef, Braden runs six state-of-the-art test kitchens for Puratos, which develops innovative ingredients and solutions for bakers, pattissiers and chocolatiers around the world. To meet the company’s aggressive sustainability goals, Braden works closely with the finance team to invest in solutions that deliver value to customers while eliminating waste to landfills.

Ep. 186: Sergio Tavares – What accountants need to know about Design Thinking

Sergio Tavares, PhD., joins host Neha Ratnakar to discuss the importance of design thinking in a digital-first business world and the role management accountants play in driving optimized digital solutions. Sergio is a Lead Service Designer and Designer Coach at Frog, a global creative consultancy.

Ep. 185: Michael Teape - Maximizing human capital in challenging times

Michael Teape, a respected management coach and Co-founder of Teape Training International returns to Count Me In to discuss maximizing human capital in the face of COVID-19, the great resignation, and other challenges. Michael is a thought leader in people development who enjoys running train-the-trainer events for facilitators globally. He brings over 25 years’ experience across all major business sectors and sizes as a Facilitator, coach & CLO with a reputation for anchoring learning back in the workplace.

Ep. 184: Bharat Kanodia - “That company is worth what!?” - an insider’s view of business valuations.

Adam Larson speaks with Bharat Kanodia about his critical role as a leading business appraiser in Silicon Valley. As the founder and chief appraiser at Veristrat, Bharat helps startup founders and venture capitalists by telling them what their companies are worth. Over the course of career Bharat has valued over 2000 businesses and unique assets including Uber, Airbnb and even the Golden Gate Bridge. Tune in for an insider’s view of the analytics and conversations that drive business innovation and investment.

Ep. 183: Casey Woo – CFOs are on a mission to grow

Today’s guest is Casey Woo, CFO of Landing, former Head of Strategic Finance at WeWork, and the co-founder of Operators Guild, a knowledge-sharing community for CFOs and other business “operators.” Casey and Adam analyze the multi-dimensional role CFO’s play as business partners focused on driving operations, innovation, and growth.

Ep. 182: Tamara Ghandour - Harnessing The Power of Innovation – Everyday

Our guest this week is Tamara Ghandour, the author of Innovation is Everybody’s Business and the founder of LaunchStreet, a consultancy that helps businesses unleash their innovation potential. Tamara speaks with IMA’s Adam Larson about the importance of building an innovation mindset for individuals and teams and the value that is unlocked when businesses focus on the practice of innovation rather than the process.

Ep. 181: Kristen Donnelly - The Never-Ending Journey of DE&I

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) can mean different things to different people. And this can be a problem, even when people are trying to do the right thing. Dr. Kristen Donnelly joins IMA’s Adam Larson to discuss her work as an empathy educator and important lessons for leaders and organization from her celebrated TedX talk: How Embracing Tolerance Has Failed Us.

Ep. 180: Jim Rafferty - The Business of Gratitude

Everyone agrees that gratitude is an important social courtesy for working and engaging with others. But the power of gratitude is far greater than most people realize. Host Mitch Roshong is joined by Jim Rafferty, marketing and communications consultant and the author of Leader by Accident, to discuss how cultivating a gratitude mindset helps transform leaders and organizations in extraordinary ways.

Ep. 179: Sammy Courtright - Tech & Work-Life Balance during the Great Resignation

Remote work is the new normal for many companies and it involves way more than just Zoom calls. Join Mitch for a conversation with Sammy Courtright, co-founder of Ten Spot, an innovative community engagement platform focused on improving the happiness, productivity, wellness, and communication of employees no matter where they are based. You’ll gain valuable insight on the future of work and how companies are creating innovative digital experiences and services that strengthen corporate culture and improve talent retention.

Ep. 178: Will Peng - Achieve Greater Financial Stability

Learn how Fintech is helping people achieve greater financial stability. Will Peng, CEO and co-founder of financial wellness and benefits platform Northstar, joins Mitch Roshong to discuss how technology is democratizing access to expert financial guidance and empowering people to make important financial and life decisions with more confidence than ever before.

Ep. 177: Dr. Anton Lewis - DE&I in Accounting

Dr. Anton Lewis, Associate Professor of Accounting at Valparaiso University, joins IMA’s Adam Larson to discuss his research on the experience of Black accountants in the accounting profession. Dr. Lewis explains common flaws that hamper many workplace DE&I initiatives, as well as practical steps that can be taken to improve equitable representation across the industry. To better understand the role of research in tackling DE&I issues, don’t miss this insightful conversation.

Ep. 176: Paul Ruppert - Creating Strategic Partnerships

Paul Ruppert, Growth Consultant and Advisor for sales strategy and strategic partnerships, joins Count Me In to talk about the value of the finance team when creating strategic partnerships. Paul is passionate about bridging differences in driving profitable global growth strategies. He has great work experience collaborating with all stakeholders, building trust with customers, strategic partners, and the entire supply chain worldwide to optimize outcomes. His functional skills span business development, award winning product development, global commercialization as well as framing M&A thesis on deals ranging from $5m to $60B. In addition, he's co-authored two SMS related patents, as well as having been a professional ski instructor for 25 years. In this episode, he talks about some of the biggest challenges organizations face in today’s business landscape, what future opportunities will present themselves following ongoing advancements in technology and business, and how to identify and work with up and coming accounting talent when nurturing strategic partnerships. Download and listen now!

Ep. 175: Greg Hoggard - IT & OT. The Accuracy of Technology for Change

Greg Hoggard, CMA, CFO and VP of Finance and IT at Rembrandt Foods, joins Count Me In to talk about information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) coming together to speak the same language and help the organization realize more value. Change management is an important are for this alignment, and Greg talks about how he has been able to shift his team's thinking and processes to better understand each other. He co-authored an article in Strategic Finance to show how computerized vision and AI adoption can create significant value for any organization and, in this episode, he shares some key considerations when adapting to or implementing technology. Download and listen now!

Ep. 174: Pedro Barros - Scaling and Managing a Successful Global Finance Team

Pedro Monteiro de Barros, VP of Finance at Remote, joins Count Me In to talk about how to build, scale, and manage a successful remote, global finance team. At Remote, he is responsible for analyzing financial performance for budgeting and forecasting, managing all accounting operations, and providing strategic guidance to accelerate business expansion. He started his career in investment banking and strategy in technology, media and telecommunications. Over the last five years Pedro has been focusing on high growth tech companies and was Head of Finance at Codacy. Download and listen now!

Ep. 173: Celebrating International Women's Day!

Mardi McBrien, Managing Director ot the IFRS Foundation, and Brigitte de Graaff, CMA, CSCA, Chair of IMA’s Sustainable Business Management Global Task Force and PhD candidate at the department of Accounting of the Vrije Universiteit Amstedam, join Count Me In to talk about the role of women in sustainability. IMA's Manager of Brand Content and Storytelling, Margaret Michaels, hosts this mini-panel discussion in celebration of International Women's Day. International Women's Day is a global holiday celebrated annually on March 8th to commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women. The special guests for this panel were specifically chosen for their work in the area of sustainability and to talk about the pipeline of future female finance leaders as well as their own thoughts on what unique impacts women are making in the work of sustainability. In this commemorative mini-panel conversation, Margaret leads the discussion by addressing various pieces of research to substantiate the value of women in sustainability. Download and listen now!

Ep. 172: Dan Toma - Innovation Accounting

Dan Toma, innovation thought leader and the co-author of the award winning book "The Corporate Startup and Innovation Accounting", joins Count Me In to talk about accounting, innovation, and the ways to implement innovation accounting. Dan started his career in entrepreneurship, being involved with technology startups across the world. He was featured on the Thinkers50 2020 Radar list of management thinkers to watch and is a member of the World Economic Forum’s working group on accelerating digital transformation. In this conversation, he discusses myths relating to innovation, the value of people in change management, and what implementation of innovation accounting looks like across the organization. Download and listen now!

Ep. 171: Larysa Melnychuk - Modern FP&A Trends

Larysa Melnychuk, Founder and CEO at FP&A Trends Group and Managing Director at International FP&A Board, is a leading FP&A professional and influencer. She held senior roles at top organizations before establishing the International FP&A Board in 2013. A high-profile global thinktank, the Board aims to identify and promote new trends and best practices in modern Financial Planning and Analysis. Larysa has successfully expanded the Board into 27 chapters in 16 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and North America. Larysa is also the founder and CEO at the FP&A Trends Group, the leading online resource for FP&A professionals. She chairs the Global AI/ML FP&A Committee and runs a number of high-profile initiatives in the area of modern financial analytics. Larysa is also a passionate conference speaker, and writes articles on various FP&A-related subjects – many of which you will find on the FP&A Trends website. In this episode, she discusses modern trends including XP&A and Digital FP&A. Download and listen now!

Ep. 170: Alissa Vickery - Purpose Driven Leaders

Alissa Vickery, Chief Accounting Officer and Senior Vice President of Accounting and Controls for FLEETCOR, joins Count Me In to talk about purpose driven leaders. Alissa has oversight of external reporting, technical accounting, and internal audit, and her leadership has helped FLEETCOR join the Fortune 1000 list and the S&P 500 Index. In this episode, she defines purpose driven leadership, the benefits and outcomes of developing purpose driven leaders, and why purpose is so valuable to the accounting and finance team. Download and listen now!

Ep. 169: Michael Teape - Win Back One Day of Your Time with Productive Work!

Michael Teape, Owner and Lead Trainer of Teape Training International (TTI), joins Count Me In to talk about time management techniques that will allow you and your team to win back one day of your time every week! Michael is a thought leader in people development who enjoys running train-the-trainer events for facilitators globally. He brings over 25 years’ experience across all major business sectors and sizes as a Facilitator, coach & CLO with a reputation for anchoring learning back in the workplace. Michael’s last corporate role was for JPMorgan delivering the Learning and Development strategy for the Investment Bank. Now, his training consulting work spans all industries including: Royal Bank of Sweden, Citi Group, Morgan Stanley, Natixis, BNP Paribas, the International MBA program at Vienna’s University for Business and Technology, United Nations, Taylor & Francis, media publications and Johnson & Johnson. Download and listen now!

Ep. 168: Mark Marmon and Janis Parthun - Transformation through Emerging Technologies

Mark Marmon, VP, Finance Transformation at RGP, and Janis Parthun, VP, Advisory & Project Services at RGP, join Count Me In to talk about transformation through emerging technologies and the audit considerations and regulations to be aware of. RGP is global consulting company that serves over 2,400 clients, which includes 3/4th of the Fortune 500 companies. Mark is a Vice President within RGP’s Global Finance Transformation Practice focused on process efficiency and improving automation in the finance and accounting functions and Janis is a Vice President within RGP’s Advisory & Project Services team, leading cross functional initiatives in finance, accounting, and risk and compliance. She brings over 20 years of experience and expertise in finance and technology process design, risk management and driving continuous improvement for companies. RGP enables rapid business outcomes by bringing together the right people who together create transformative change. In this episode they look through the lens of a CFO and explain the top trends and priorities for finance leaders. Download and listen now!

Ep. 167: Ben Taylor - API Driven Accounting

Ben Taylor, CEO at SoftLedger, joins Count Me In to talk about the value of API-driven accounting systems. SoftLedger is a cloud-native business management platform is easy to learn, adapts to your business, and connects easily to other applications. With Ben's experience in Accounting Software, Corporate Accounting, Financial Reporting, Financial Analysis, Accounting Integrations, Product Development, Product Design, Product Marketing, he understands the cross-functional needs of accounting information. Knowing the limitations of most current accounting systems, Ben explains how cloud-native and API-integrated systems enable real-time data and more actionable insight from this accounting information. He also discusses the role SoftLedger is playing in crypto-accounting! Download and listen now.

Ep. 166: Liv Watson and David Wray - Digitizing Sustainability Information: It Takes a Village

Liv Watson, Managing Director of Adviseers SAS, Impact Management Project, and Chair of EFRAG’s Digitization Workstream, and David Wray, President of the DFCG International Group and Finance Executive in a Fortune 50 Multinational, rejoin Count Me In to discuss digitizing sustainability information. Liv and David recently shared their perspective on A Proposal for the Digital Transformation of Sustainability Information in a COP26 sponsored side-event bringing together attendees from around the world from policy makers, standard setters, regulators to preparers, NGOs and funders to leverage the worldwide momentum for climate change and sustainable economies. In this podcast episode, they share with us their view on what the profession can do to accelerate this transformation, and more specifically how management accountants can support their organizations in managing the data lifecycle of sustainability information, from cradle to grave! Download and listen now!

Ep. 165: David Wray and Lynda Kitamura - Talent Development and Learning

David Wray, President of the DFCG International Group and Author, and Lynda Hawton Kitamura, Chief Financial Officer of Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) and Chair at the Board of Governors at Wilfrid Laurier University, join Count Me In to talk about a better way to learn the critical personal and business skills accounting and finance professionals need. A Harvard Business Review study concluded that the more than $357 billion spent annually on Learning & Development did not achieve the desired return on investment as only 1 in 10 use the learned skills and 1 in 4 believe training improved their performance. David and Lynda each discuss traditional learning approaches, what they have experienced to improve on traditional learning approaches, and what skills management accountants should focus on to accelerate their learning and talent development to future themselves. Download and listen now!

Ep. 164: Gordon Van Wechel - Growth Strategies for Professional Practices

Gordon Van Wechel, Founder and President at the Alchemy Consulting Group, joins Count Me In to talk about a few key business growth strategies for a professional practice. Gordon is a Business Marketing Strategist, a Business Transitions Specialist, and Certified Value Builder who is a speaker and has authored nine books. In this episode, Gordon shares his expertise in the area of having an agency work for a professional practice and the value they can bring in terms of marketing and advertising. Download and listen now!

Ep. 163: Stacey Ashley - High-Performance Leadership

Stacey Ashley, leadership expert, speaker, author, coach, and consultant, joins Count Me In to talk about high-performance leadership. Stacey has over 30 years’ experience and has helped thousands to develop their leadership competence, confidence, and credibility. She was named to LinkedIn's Top Voices in 2018, earned Four International Stevie Awards (including Coach of the year 2019), and was nominated for Telstra Business & Womens Awards 9 times (including 2020), among many other awards and recognition. She is passionate about elevating the practice of leadership and, in this episode, talks about what it takes to develop the right mindset, resilience, and accountability. Download and listen now!

Ep. 162: James Petrossi - Organizational Consciousness (and Individual Wellness)

James Petrossi, President of PTNL, author of Know Your True Self: The Formula to Raise Human Consciousness, and advocate for humanity, joins Count Me In to discuss what he describes as "organizational consciousness" and how it leads to increased wellness and individual purpose. His insights into the human experience have been used for the past 25+ years to develop marketing, sales, and coaching strategies for Fortune 100 and emerging growth and organizations. James founded PTNL with the vision of creating a more consciously connected world. In this episode, he discusses why employees are feeling unfulfilled in today's working environment and what firms and individuals can do to help avoid this burnout. James is passionate about helping organizations realize their potential by implementing holistic, proactive approaches to improving company culture. Download and listen now!

Ep. 161: Omar Choucair - M&A Operations

Omar Choucair, CFO at Trintech, joins Count Me In to talk about why and how corporate merger and acquisition (M&A) operations are falling short in today's competitive business landscape. Omar is a senior level financial executive with broad experience in corporate finance, accounting, corporate governance, and FP&A management skills. In this episode, he is able to discuss the specific challenges firms are facing and how to overcome them. He also addresses related trends and what he expects in the future. Download and listen now!

Ep. 160: Katie Thomas - Finding, Connecting, and Developing Relationships with Key Stakeholders

Katie Thomas, CPA, Owner of Leaders Online, helps executives become thought leaders online so they can increase their influence, impact, and income. In this episode, she joins Count Me In to talk about how finance and accounting professionals can find, connect, and develop relationships with key stakeholders, inside and outside of the organization, to increase their influence and add value to their companies. Katie discusses the value of online presence, scaling their approach to stand out more, and the way individuals can identify key stakeholders. Download and listen now!

Ep. 159: Jamie Gregory - Strategic Initiative for Cost Saving and Revenue Growth

Jamie Greogy, CFO at Synovus, joins Count Me In to talk about Synovus Forward, a revenue generating and expense saving initiative that began in late 2019 with the goal of achieving top quartile performance and an annual $175 million pre-tax run-rate benefit by 2022, as well as best-in-class experience for clients, employees and shareholders. The purpose of the conversation is to highlight the importance of strategic thinking and innovative initiatives to help companies navigate tough economic environments. Leading through and adapting to change can be difficult, so Jamie discusses the value of being agile and innovative to guide teams through times of uncertainty. Download and listen now!

Ep. 158: Dawn Emling and Tjeerd Krumpelman with Shari Littan - Management Perspective on Sustainable Business Information and Reporting

Dawn Emling, Head of Sustainability Initiatives for the Lincoln Financial Group, and Tjeerd Krumpelman, Global head of advisory, reporting & engagement / Group Sustainability at ABN AMRO Bank N.V., join Count Me In with moderator Shari Littan, IMA's Director of Corporate Reporting Research & Thought-Leadership, to discuss a management perspective on sustainable business information and reporting. In this episode, our panel covers the CFO team and their role in sustainable business activities, preparer burdens around demands for ESG information, and the value of technology to streamline the process. The goal is to offer management actionability on sustainable business information and how to make ESG meaningful for nonpublic companies. Download and listen now!

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