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Ep. 34: Brian Kush - Coaching Accounting Leaders

Brian Kush, PCC, CPA is an executive leadership coach who helps leaders access the Dimension of Possible: an elevated place where you see the world differently. Brian spent the first 14 years of his career serving as a CPA and consultant at both Ernst and Young and AuditWatch. During that time he realized coaching was the best and most natural way he could support and challenge others. Brian has now spent over 20 years serving the accounting profession and is the co-founder of Intend2Lead. He is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation and Brian authored the book, Auditing Leadership (Wiley, 2009). In this episode of Count Me In, Brian shares his perspective on the natural leadership skills accountants possess, talks us through some of the common goals accounting leaders seek to obtain, and how to overcome challenges in leading in today's accounting industry. Download, listen, and review now!

Ep. 33: Jordan Savage - Becoming a CFO

Jordan Savage, CMA, CPA, CFE, is the CFO of the Challenger Group, a full-service construction and developer company. Jordan followed a rather traditional career path, starting as a project accountant, progressing to a senior analyst role, moving on to become a controller, then went from director, to VP, to CFO--all within about 5 1/2 years! In this episode, Jordan talks about the different roles and responsibilities at each level of his career and shares some insight into some of the challenges one can expect along the way. Most importantly, he offers advice on how to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves and shares his perspective on what it takes to ultimately progress through one's career. Download and listen now!

Ep. 32: Robert Leonard - Climbing the Ladder

Robert Leonard, CMA, MBA, Finance Manager, and podcast host, joins Count Me In to talk about what it takes to climb the ladder in today's accounting industry. He is a Corporate Finance Manager for FP&A and Treasury at DN Tanks, a middle-market construction company in Boston, MA, and serves as a host on The Investor's Podcast Network, a Top 100 business podcast on iTunes, for Millennial and Real Estate Investing. Robert is an avid stock and real estate investor with a passion for finance and accounting. He loves talking about how to break into the accounting/finance industry and quickly scale your career through some of his own personal experiences. Listen in to hear how accounting skills translate to many facets of business and life, and how they can help you excel in the future of accounting and finance!

Ep. 31: Monisha de Quadros - Transforming the CFO Function

Monisha de Quadros, Founder of Sparkbox Group, is a CFO and strategic business partner with over 20 years of progressive financial and operational experience. Her passion to transform the business and enhance the customer experience has allowed her to find creative solutions to drive revenue growth, augment margins, engineer process and system optimizations, and pioneer cutting-edge strategies. Monisha has been fortunate to work for fast-paced global organizations that span across HCM, SaaS businesses and Non-Profit organizations. She has provided financial leadership to businesses ranging from $25 million to $1.2 billion, earning her numerous distinctions throughout her career. She is a proven senior executive with extensive hands-on management experience, organizational leadership and expertise in collaborating with all stakeholders. In this episode, you'll hear Monisha talk about the different challenges for a CFO in the public sector vs. the private sector, as well as how individuals can help transform the CFO role and finance function from a traditional cost center to a value center. Listen now to hear Monisha's perspective on today's financial leaders!

Ep. 30: Fatima Mamod - Business Savvy Accountant

Fatima Mamod CA (SA), CIA, is an individual who is curious by nature, passionate and driven. She has an entrepreneurial, audit and consulting background with a proven track record off adding value and making a high impact within the businesses. Fatima focuses on people development and serves as a business coach, career coach, and public speaker to help business professionals understand the importance of accounting and accounting professionals understand the importance of being business savvy. In this episode of Count Me In, she defines who she calls a "business savvy accountant" and explains how they can function in all areas of business. Fatima provides plenty of practical examples and shares her own personal stories to help listeners truly understand the value of these combined skills. Download, listen, rate, and review!

Ep. 29: Laura Landmark - Business Performance Management

Laura Landmark is a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) with over 20 years of experience working in senior finance positions in industry, from computer games, to wine, to luxury house development. During the last 10 years she has specialized in implementing and maintaining Accounting and Online Performance Management systems for reporting, budgeting, forecasting, dashboards & analytics. She and her business partner launched Mantle Analytics, which is a fusion of Accounting and Technology, just over two years ago -- to an overwhelmingly positive market response! Mantle standardize where appropriate, but specialize in creating outside-the box data driven solutions to help companies create their own technology fueled competitive advantage. They work by the 80/20 principle, 80% standard & 20% special custom-made solutions to meet customer specific needs. In this episode Laura talks about the importance of rolling forecasts and proactive management. You will find Laura very active on LinkedIn or via Mantles website. You will also find links to the software Mantle use below; she says feel free to contact her with any questions!

BONUS | Doreen Remmen - Today's CFO

Doreen Remmen, CMA, CSCA, CAE, IMA's CFO and Senior Vice President of Operations, is our featured expert guest who speaks on behalf of IMA as she explains the role of today's CFO. In this episode, Doreen highlights and emphasizes how CFOs roles and responsibilities must go beyond the finance function and are truly business partners as they need to be an integral part in all aspects of the business. While this episode is another bonus release as part of our IMA-focused mini-series and Doreen shares her perspectives as IMA's CFO, much of her insight is applicable to all organizations because of how the industry and the role has evolved. Adam Larson joined Doreen here in Montvale, NJ for a great in-person conversation about her traditional financial responsibilities and also engaged her on the non-financial aspects of her job. Doreen has been a member of IMA and now, as CFO, has a great perspective on what our members and the accounting profession need to know. Listen now for more information!

Ep. 28: George Azih - Lease Accounting Standards

George Azih, Founder and CEO of LeaseQuery, was recently named in Accounting Today's Top 100 Most Influential People in accounting. He joins Count Me In to talk about the recent changes to lease accounting standards and how these new regulations ultimately led to his newest business venture. A financial authority specializing in technical accounting and accounting research, George has served as an auditor for banks, insurance companies, and brokerage firms. Prior to LeaseQuery, he performed Accounting Research and Technical Accounting for a Fortune 500 company, where he specialized in lease accounting, sale-leaseback transactions, build-to-suit arrangements, debt restructurings (modifications and extinguishments), asset retirement obligations and purchase accounting. With all this knowledge and experience, George explains how he recognized a business opportunity to help accountants, and also gets into potential future implications with regard to other accounting standards. Listen in to hear an interesting twist on accounting standards!

Ep. 27: Fatema El-Wakeel - Agile Project Management

Fatema El-Wakeel, CMA, MBA, is the Finance Business Partner for Data Analytics and Agile Methodology, Automation, Modelling & Visualization at Jaguar Land Rover in the UK. She has more than 10 years of experience in strategy development, financial management and big data analytics. She is a vital component of change management, organisation restructuring and innovation projects in both multinationals and public sectors across EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Africa). Fatema has a great passion for sharing her strategy and data analytics experience and knowledge, and we were fortunate she was willing and able to join us on Count Me In to talk about the agile project management methodology. In this episode, we talk about the benefits of agile and cover the basic terms to better understand how the methodology works. Fatema also talks about the overcoming obstacles when first implementing this project management style and gives our accounting and finance listeners some tips to start!

Ep. 26: Indra Moeljadi - The Evolving Role of the Business Partner

Indra Moeljadi, CMA, is a Finance Business Partner as the Business Excellence Lead of Takeda Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland. He serves as the finance lead for a business unit within Takeda with global products and deals a lot with the mid-term and long-term strategy of these products. Indra has worked in Switzerland for 20 years, but is originally Indonesian. Indra is active in the IMA Chapter of Switzerland, where he currently serves as Treasurer. In this episode of Count Me In, we talk to Indra about the evolving role of a finance business partner, the value of technology and data analytics, and address the importance of storytelling. Download and listen for a global perspective on strategically positioning yourself as a finance leader!

Ep. 25: Khaled Chowdhury - Finance Culture Transformation

Khaled Chowdhury, CMA, Certified Corporate FP&A Professional, and Six Sigma Green Belt, is the Finance Director for Analytics and Business Intelligence at Cabot Microelectronics. He joins Count Me In to talk about transforming the culture of the finance function. Data is of the utmost importance in today's accounting and finance industry, but to start a culture transformation, it starts with the people. Management and leadership is responsibility for getting the people on the team properly trained and prepared to use the emerging technologies present in the profession. Investing in people will lead to the highest returns. Khaled shares his experience and perspective on allowing employees to be curious so they can be pioneers for the organization by making mistakes and identifying new opportunities or solutions. This episode is a unique blend of culture, technology, and leadership, and a valuable listen for accounting and finance professionals of all levels!

Ep. 24: Debbie Jacobs - FP&A: Leadership and Relationships

Debbie Jacobs, CMA, MBA, is a hands-on finance leader with great experience in improving the overall finance function. For more than 20 years, Debbie Jacobs has built strong relationships to drive change at Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell and Johnson & Johnson. She earned her Six Sigma green belt streamlining worldwide financial reporting. She believes in growing the next generation of finance talent - and was honored to serve as Director for J&J’s Finance Women’s Leadership Initiative. In 2010, she earned her CMA. Most recently Debbie held roles as Sr. Director of FP&A at Experian and VP of FP&A at Young's Holdings. Debbie holds a B.S. from Indiana University and an MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg school. Hear how Debbie encourages management accountants to cultivate cross-functional relationships to drive change by listening now!

Ep. 23: Lorenzo Patelli - AI and Its Ethical Considerations

Dr. Lorenzo Patelli, Associate Professor in the School of Accountancy and Interim Director of the Institute for Enterprise Ethics in the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver, joins Count Me In to talk about the pervasive phenomenon of artificial intelligence (AI) in accounting and finance today. Dr. Patelli has received numerous honors for his teaching excellence and has published several research articles on topics dealing with business ethics. In this episode, he explains how AI, a foundational field of computer science, has an impact on the accounting field because of its contributions to ultimate judgements across an organization. The intersection of process automation and strategic decisions is where management accountants come in as they consider AI and its ethical implications. Listen now to hear more about the accountants role with artificial intelligence.

Ep. 22: Amy Vetter - Work-Life Balance with Technology & Innovation

Amy Vetter, CEO of the B3 Method Institute, is an award-winning, accomplished C-level executive & board member who partners with organizations to create go-to-market (GTM) strategies that scale operations, brand awareness and customer success programs to increase retention and ongoing revenue growth. With deep cloud technology & transformation experience, business & financial acumen, & expertise in uncovering business revenue opportunities, cash flow & operational efficiencies, Amy walks us through taking a step back from all this technology hype and explains how we should use these innovations to really focus on improving our work-life balance! As an educator, keynote speaker, and published author, she strives to inspire a culture of mindfulness when utilizing technology and an environment of innovation & collaboration. Amy is a CPA, a Yogi, and a technologist, hosts the Breaking Beliefs Podcast, appears on TEDx and other speaking enagagements, and has been recognized for a variety of awards and accolades as she strives to help everyone live a more fulfilled, connected, and successful life at work and home. Listen to find out how to "disconnect to connect" and be more mindful as an accounting leader.

BONUS | Linda Devonish-Mills - IMA's Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Linda Devonish-Mills, CMA, CPA, CAE, MBA, IMA's Director of Diversity and Inclusion, is an accounting and finance professional with over 15 years of experience in the nonprofit industry. She has held various leadership positions at prominent nonprofit organizations such as the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) in areas such as technical accounting, diversity and inclusion, governance, business development, publication of articles in trade publications and development of technical content for certified examination programs. Linda serves as Vice President for the Alumni Board of Governors at Fairleigh Dickinson University and also represents IMA on a national diversity and inclusion Committee led by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). Linda has held senior management positions in industry that involve tasks related to financial reporting, internal and external auditing functions at a Fortune 500 company, Time Warner and a Big Four accounting firm, Ernst Young. For this bonus episode of Count Me In, Linda talks to us from our headquarters in Montvale, NJ about her role at IMA and how she has evolved her position and IMA's commitment to diversity and inclusion. With such leadership experience and knowledge in strategic initiatives, Linda also shares best practices for listeners to bring similar initiatives to their own organizations.

Ep. 21: Dr. Paul Juras - Industry 4.0 & Management Accounting

Paul Juras, PhD, CMA, CPA is the Vander Wolk Professor of Managerial Accounting and Operational Performance at Babson College, is a Certified Management Accountant and holds a Certified Public Accountant license from NY. He has expertise in strategic management accounting and his current research interests focus on contemporary cost management and operational performance issues. Industry 4.0 (I4.0) appeared on the scene a few years ago. Whether called the 4th industrial revolution, smart factories, or some other name, the underlying principles of I4.0 are impacting organizations and their supply chains across the globe. In his first episode as a part of Count Me In, Paul Juras, helps us understand just why we, as accounting and finance professionals, can benefit from learning more about this topic.

Ep. 20: Sandy Richtermeyer - Enterprise Risk Management

Sandra Richtermeyer, Ph.D., CMA, CPA, is dean of the Manning School of Business at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. She works actively with a variety of professional organizations and is a frequent speaker on professional development, governance, internal control, technology enablement, and performance measurement. In this episode of Count Me In, Sandy talks about enterprise risk management and aligning an organization's mission, vision, and values. Her teaching and research interests are in the areas of corporate governance, accounting information systems, and nonprofit and governmental accounting, she has authored many articles in academic and practitioner publications, and she has held many leadership roles in a variety of organizations over the past 20 years--she is an active board member in a variety of organizations and regularly consults with and provides training for boards on governance best practices and leadership challenges, in addition to coaching CEOs with an emphasis on improving communications between board members, the CEO, and senior management. All of this experience comes through in this episode of Count Me In as Dr. Sandy Richertmeyer offers extremely valuable insight on ERM and organizational best practices.

Ep. 19: Ben Wann - Business Partnering

Ben Wann, CMA, MBA, CPA, Operational Controller for Groupe SAVENCIA comes to Count Me In to talk about business partnering. Ben is a lifelong learner who is focused on finding dynamic solutions and championing change in an organization. He is also the Co-Founder of The Numbers Guys, a digitally based organization with the goal of removing the noise around financial mastery. In this episode, he talks about the future of the finance profession and what it means to be a strategic business partner for your organization. Ben has authored courses on Excel, Business Process Improvement, among others, and has written numerous articles on various areas of finance. He is a focused, analytical leader who is focused on measuring what matters most!

Ep. 18: Joseph Brunsman - Cybersecurity

Joseph Brunsman, VP and CCO of CPL Brokers, Inc., loves cyber law and is a public speaker and best-selling author determined to help business stay out of trouble. When it comes to data, cybersecurity policies are a must to ensure the safety and protection of that data. Joseph talks with IMA and Count Me In to explain risks of cybersecurity breaches and best practices for creating and implementing cybersecurity policies. Joseph obtained a degree in Systems Engineering with a focus on robotics system interoperability, has extensive knowledge and experience with database management and network security, and has 2 books coming out to talk about cybersecurity, policies, and insurance. Listen to this episode to protect yourself and your business!

Ep. 17: Ginger White - Career Development and Leadership

Ginger White, CMA, CSCA, BB, MBB, MBA, MSSF, visited IMA's headquarters in Montvale, NJ and sat down with Mitch Roshong and Adam Larson of Count Me In to talk about her professional journey in accounting and finance. Following a 22-year career at Cummins Inc., Ginger now serves as the Chief Operating Officer at the American Accounting Association (AAA). She currently plays a key role as a member of AAA's senior administrative staff, managing the internal operations of the organization, and reporting directly to AAA's executive director. Ginger was Chair of IMA’s Global Board of Directors for the 2018-2019 fiscal year and also serves as chair of IMA's Governance Committee and as a member of the Nominating Committee. She has great experience and expertise in career development and career advancement and talks about giving back as a leader after being given so many opportunities. Listen to find out what Ginger thinks the most important skills are for career advancement and why she believes being a part of an association is so valuable to career development.

BONUS | Jeff Thomson - IMA and the Future of Management Accounting

Jeff Thomson, CMA, CSCA, CAE, President and CEO of IMA, discusses the future of accounting and explains everything the Institute of Management Accountants is doing to support its members and the profession. In the episode, Jeff also talks about the CMA credential and what it stands for in the industry while emphasizing the importance of lifelong learning and continuing education. Jeff has been President and CEO of IMA since 2008 and has led the execution of a strategy resulting in IMA becoming one of the fastest growing and most influential accounting associations in the world. Prior to joining IMA, Jeff worked at AT&T for more than two decades where he served in various financial, strategic, and operational roles, including CFO and business partner. Listen to be counted in for all things affecting accounting and finance, as told by IMA's thought leader, Jeff Thomson!

Ep. 16: Dr. Mark Frigo - Leadership Driven Strategy

Dr. Mark Frigo, CMA, CPA, joins Count Me In to talk about what it means to develop a leadership driven strategy. Leadership is the central focal point of IMA's Management Accounting Competency Framework and directly supports strategy, planning, and performance, and overall business acumen. Dr. Frigo references various works he has authored and explains how individual leaders and teams can contribute to strategy. Dr. Frigo is the Director of the Center for Strategy, Execution and Valuation and Strategic Risk Management Lab and is the Ezerski Endowed Chair of Strategy & Leadership of the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business in the Driehaus College of Business at Depaul University. Take a listen to develop your own leadership driven strategy!

Ep. 15: Kaiser Mock - Cross-functional Relationships with Non-Finance Individuals

Kaiser Mock, CMA, CPA, is a Financial Analyst for Brewery Operations at MillerCoors in Golden, Colorado. He is an experienced financial professional passionate about applying accounting knowledge to business operations. Kaiser enjoys sharing his accounting and finance knowledge with new audiences and giving back to organizations as an established public speaker. In this episode, Kaiser emphasizes the importance of relationship building. He explains how his financial knowledge helps identify opportunities or problems on the floor of brewery operations by learning more about the the overall manufacturing and brewing processes and developing strong cross-functional relationships with those in the company who are NOT finance professionals. Kaiser says, "I view accounting as a tool to use to help the business achieve it's goals and an integral partner in a successful strategy." Listen for more!

BONUS | Ep. 2: Dr. Sean Stein Smith - Accountant's Role with Technologies

Dr. Sean Stein Smith, CPA, CMA, blockchain expert and Assistant Professor at Lehman College (CUNY), concludes his conversation with IMA (Ep. 2 - released on 6/10/2019) on emerging technologies and their global implications across the accounting industry. "The key takeaway point I would stress is to not be anxious". In this bonus episode, you will hear Sean answer FAQs--Will I lose my job? How do I learn these technologies? How do I get started inside my firm--as well as explain what accountants need to be aware in the future, and add some future predictions for the profession. Sean was named to the 40 under 40 in the accounting profession in 2017 and 2018, is a member of the Advisory Board for the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, Advisory Board of Gilded "Crypto Accounting Made Simple," and FDU Board of Governors (FDU). He's widely regarded as an expert at the intersection of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and accounting, and frequently presents on the topic.

Ep. 14: Brian Kalish - FP&A Embracing Big Data and Technology

Brian Kalish, Principal and Founder of Kalish Consulting, joins "Count Me In" to talk about the benefits Big Data and emerging technologies have on financial planning and analysis (FP&A). As a subject matter expert of financial industry best practices, strategic forecasting and planning, and adaptive decision-making, Brian explains why the field of FP&A needs to embrace technology and describes how it can help organizations answer many of its outstanding business questions. He is a former Executive Director of Global FP&A Practice at AFP and has over 25 years experience in Finance, FP&A, Treasury and Investor Relations. In 2014, Brian was awarded the Global Certified Corporate FP&A Professional designation. Brian is passionately committed to building and connecting the global FP&A community. He continues to host FP&A Roundtable meetings in North America, Europe, Asia and South America. See Brian's contact information below the episode transcription!

Ep. 13: Kirstie Tiernan - Investigative Accounting in Today's Industry

Kirstie Tiernan,CFE, OCA, Managing Director in BDO's Chicago Office, discusses the different aspects of digital forensics and e-discovery services in today's accounting industry. With over 15 years of experience providing data analysis, IT advisory, and investigative accounting services, Kirstie shares insights for managing fraud detection and prevention projects, as well as the use of technology for improving overall business functions. Kirstie regularly conducts fraud investigations and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliance reviews, in addition to providing fraud prevention services across various industries. She is experienced in managing fraud detection and prevention analysis projects requiring the collection of entire general ledger systems data from multiple sources such as Peoplesoft, SAP and Oracle. Kirstie also conducts anti-bribery compliance reviews, having managed engagements at several Fortune 500 companies, as well as an international review at a Fortune 10 client that resulted from allegations of FCPA violations. In this episode of Count Me In, Kirstie tells us how she approaches projects with a focus on process efficiency, regularly implementing technological advancements within systems and databases in order to improve and accelerate time-consuming client processes. With some practical examples and real-life stories, Kirstie talks about how emerging tech has changed the accounting services industry in the last 5 years, as well as where she expects it to go in the future!

Ep. 12: Mason Brady - Finance Function for a Small Enterprise

Mason Brady, MBA, CMA, is the Director of Finance & Supply Chain for Homegrown Organic Farms. He has an operational-oriented perspective on the finance function of the small enterprise in California. Mason uses his international MBA with an entrepreneurship-focus to identify solutions to common challenges a smaller organization faces and discusses the various rewards of leading the finance function. He talks about his various oversight roles and some best practices for optimizing processes in smaller organizations. He also highlights how to manage the budget of a small company when trying to take advantage of emerging technologies and how to successfully implement new technology design. Mason is a passionate finance manager and strategic planner who makes sure he understands how his business truly works and functions efficiently!

BONUS | Ep. 4: Dan Smith - Technology & Data Analytics

Daniel Smith, Head of Innovation and Founder of Theory Lane Integration Solutions, concludes his conversation with IMA about all things relating to technology & analytics as it pertains to accounting and finance professionals.Starting on 6/24/19, he spoke to us about all things affecting the evolving role of the accounting and finance professional. He defined and simplified AI, machine learning, RPA, and other emerging technologies and explained the various opportunities created by data and technology. In this episode, Dan discusses learning and developing new skills and competencies, applying technology and analytics, and the intersection of data and business - data science. From disruptive technologies, to quantitative vs. qualitative data, and all things in between, Dan now answers new questions to talk about how management accountants can learn and apply these new skills. "When you first want to build a don't ask that architect what kind of hammer they intend to use!" Learning the appropriate skills, applied with the correct tools, can lead to better strategic decisions and more successful outcomes for your business.(Conclusion of Ep. 4 from 6/24/19)

Ep. 11: John Garrett - Creating Unique Cultures That Attract and Retain Top Talent

John Garrett, the “Recovering CPA” and author of the upcoming book What’s Your "And"? talks to us about how he helps companies recognize why their culture matters. Current keynote speaker, emcee, and host of What’s Your "And"? Podcast, John graduated from the University of Notre Dame and became a CPA with PricewaterhouseCoopers before working several years in industry. Since then, he’s written two Emmy-nominated awards shows, has a comedy album on Sirius XM, and has been on stage over 2,000 times, opening for the likes of comedian Louie Anderson and the band Train. He received his Certified Public Accountant Certificate from the State of Illinois. As a former CPA, Senior Financial Analyst and Business Development Director, John’s experience ranges from being an integral team member for his Big Four Firm’s largest financial services client to helping launch a startup company. The CPA-turned-Catalyst for Culture Change has been researching how professional’s hobbies and passions impact their career and in turn, create a stronger workplace culture. Now he works with organizations to attract and retain top talent by adapting to “the future of professionalism.” He steps up to shatter the stereotype about accountants and explains that everyone has a unique skillset or passion that should be brought to the office to build trust and create a high performing culture.

Ep. 10: Rhondalynn Korolak - The Skills Needed to Thrive in Accounting and Business

Rhondalynn Korolak is the Managing Director of two different companies in Melbourne, Australia. She developed SHIFT™, a teaching methodology - a five step strategy you can use to make the SHIFT™ to advisory, quickly and easily, with Businest, a tech solution app. She also teaches accountants, through Imagineering Now, how to put strategies in place to grow their practices, deliver value and impact for their entrepreneurial clients, & ensure that their clients would never think of going elsewhere! Rhondalynn's focus is on time, health and reputation, and this episode of Count Me In talks a lot about the skills and strategies needed to thrive in accounting and business. With an educational background in Commerce, Finance, and Accounting, as well as Law and Corporate Taxation, in Canada, and now extensive business experience in Australian, Rhondalynn Korolak talks to our listeners about accounting professionals need to focus their skills and processes for business improvement. Listen now!

Ep. 9: Danielle Supkis Cheek - Analytics for Fraud Prevention

Danielle Supkis Cheek, CPA, CFE, CVA, Director at PKF Texas, covers how a data analytics program can help organizations protect their data and mitigate risks. While data analytics is often thought of as a way to improve strategic business decision making, Danielle explains how it can also uncover financial and/or operational fraud. She is also part-time faculty at Rice University’s Jones School of Business teaching accounting for entrepreneurs to undergrads and data analytics to the Masters of Accountancy (MAcc) students, and is the Chair of the PCPS Technical Issues Committee with the American Institute for CPAs. She is a 5-time (2014-2018) 40 under 40 by the CPA Practice Advisor ,and was the Houston CPA’s Society’s Distinguished Member to the Profession for 2019. She was also the first women to receive the AICPA’s Outstanding Young CPA of the Year Award in Honor of Maximo in 2016 and is a 4-time (2016-2019) Most Powerful Women in Accounting by CPA Practice Advisor and AICPA. In this episode, Danielle talks about building a data analytics program for fraud prevention. Many recent episodes have covered the potential value of advanced data analytics in accounting, but Danielle gives us a different perspective by explaining how we can use data analytics to compare the before and after of operations and other aspects of a program to identify risks and uncover fraud!

Ep. 8: Cate Long - Data Visualization

Cate Long, former Vice President of Professional Services at SAP Concur, talks about the connection between data visualization, data governance, and information systems, and explains how these different technologies can influence strategy. Cate is also a former Controller of multiple mid-sized manufacturing companies and is able to offer valuable insight surrounding the various conversations pertaining to technology and analytics in accounting. Cate brings her years of experience and expertise to Count Me In as she explains the importance of thinking about data visualization, data analytics, and data governance as a whole when presenting data in an effort to influence organizational strategy.

Ep. 7: Mark Nickerson - Risks and Rewards of AI

Mark Nickerson, CMA, CPA, MBA, Lecturer at SUNY Fredonia, explains what risks accounting and finance professionals need to be aware of when considering AI and offers some insight into what can be done in the future to prevent AI-related fraud. He shares his inspiration for writing his published article, "AI: New Risks and Rewards" and explains why accounting and finance professionals need to maintain their professional skepticism when working with artificial intelligence.

Ep. 6: Richard Starkey - The Importance of Accounting in Entrepreneurship

Richard Starkey, Managing Partner of CronosNow, shares his background and some of his personal experiences to explain why accounting and finance skills are so important to entrepreneurship and running a business. According to Richard Starkey, he has been "a serial entrepreneur" since his teenage years. So, as a business professional highly passionate about marketing, education, and productivity, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant a bit later in life to assist with his business endeavors. With a new appreciation for computer coding and automation, he believes in simple solutions that not only get results with bottom line profits and cash flow but ultimately also result in time and freedom for the business owner. Richard Starkey is someone who has interest in a number of startups, some successful and some what he refers to as "great life lessons along with some humble pie", but he explains how they all have taught him the value of thinking more like a “master designer” of the entrepreneurial machine, much of which is thanks to accounting and finance skills.

Ep. 5: Dr. Ariel Markelevich - Blockchain in Accounting

Dr. Ariel Markelevich, CMA is an Associate Professor of Accounting at Suffolk University in Boston, MA. He has been published in numerous academic and professional journals for his work on topics like blockchain, XBRL, IFRS, M&A, and auditing, among others. With areas of expertise in standardized data and data analytics, Dr. Markelevich explains why blockchain is so important to the accounting industry and explains why accountants should care about it.

Ep. 4: Daniel Smith - Opportunities Created by Data and Technology

Daniel Smith, Head of Innovation and Founder of Theory Lane Integration Solutions, puts all accounting and finance professionals at ease as he simplifies AI, machine learning, RPA, and other emerging technologies and explains the various opportunities created by data and technology. He spoke to us at length about all things affecting the evolving role of the accounting and finance professional. From disruptive technologies, to quantitative vs. qualitative data, to data science and data engineering, and all related concepts and tools, Dan answers a wide range of questions to help management accountants understand these important competencies. Stay tuned for the conclusion of the episode! [ Now available! ]

Ep. 3: Andy Burrows - Strategic Business Innovation

Andy Burrows, CEO & Founder of Supercharged Finance and Finance Transformer, talks to us from the UK about strategic business innovation, how the finance function should support strategy, and the evolving future of business. Andy qualified as a chartered accountant in the UK in the mid-90s, and then moved from public practice audit into big business Finance, and was quickly promoted through the ranks to a Finance Director position at the age of only 29. From then on he’s had a varied career in sectors as diverse as energy, professional services and software. He’s covered the full range of Finance responsibilities, and even recently worked as a project manager, delivering change into Finance. He recently started his own online venture, a Finance training website, called Supercharged Finance. Tune in for some insight into strategic business innovation!

Ep. 2: Dr. Sean Stein Smith - Types of Blockchain

Dr. Sean Stein Smith, CMA, CPA, Assistant Professor at Lehman College (CUNY), shares some of his expertise around the topic of blockchain and explains how other major focuses in technology fit into today's accounting industry. Dr. Sean Stein Smith was named to the 40 under 40 in the accounting profession in 2017 and 2018, is a member of the Advisory Board for the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, and is widely regarded as an expert at the intersection of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and accounting. He has been published in numerous journals and magazines and has presented at a number of conferences and events on the topic of blockchain. In this episode, Dr. Stein Smith tells us about the different types and options for blockchain and how this technology fits into accounting.

Ep. 1: Pierce Kohls - The Deceptive Allure of Emerging Technologies

Pierce Kohls, CFO at TENTE Canada, Inc. tells us why we need to be cautious when it comes to implementing emerging technologies in accounting and finance. Pierce Kohls is a CPA and a CMA with experience in strategic planning and accounting and finance, and current responsibilities include managing the day-to-day financial, IT, and risk management operations of five companies across North America. In this episode, he tells us about the technologies used at TENTE, but also why businesses need to be cautious when considering emerging technologies and make sure we avoid the deceptive allure of the industry "buzz words".

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