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Ep. 99: Andrea Williams - The Future of Accounting Work

Andrea Williams, Sr. Vice President and Controller at Perdue Farms, joins Count Me In to talk about the future of accounting work, ethical considerations, and the impact of technology on the profession. Andrea is an experienced Senior Vice President with a demonstrated history of working in the food production industry. She's skilled in Food & Beverage, Budgeting, Food Processing, Manufacturing, and Consumer Products, and has a strong professional graduated from Salisbury University. Andrea explains how she has seen the management accountant's role evolve over time, what she expects to see from finance and accounting professionals in the future, and shares some advice to listeners for their own future considerations. Download and listen now!

Ep. 98: Nicole Gonzalez Cumberbatch - Working Parents Working from Home

Nicole Gonzalez Cumberbatch, VP of Finance and HR at Setnor Byer Insurance & Risk, joins Count Me In to discuss some of the challenges working parents are facing while working from home during the global pandemic. Nicole is a senior accounting professional with over 17 years of experience and also currently serves on IMA's Diversity & Inclusion Committee. She is passionate about mentorship and leadership, and she knows the importance of helping others juggle their various priorities in today's work environment. Nicole provides some action finance and accounting professionals can take and policies or strategies they can implement to feel more supported and empowered during this time. Download and listen now!

Ep. 97: Eli Amdur - Explaining What Today's Business Environment Means for Your Personal Development

Eli Amdur, Career and Executive Coach, Journalist, and Keynote Speaker, joins Count Me In to help listeners navigate through today's business environment and how to develop the skills required for the future. Eli has helped countless clients and contacts develop their leadership skills and provided career advice, most recently a number during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode, he addresses some of the issues he sees from his perspective about organizational decisions being made, what the long-term implications of those decisions may be, and what individuals can do to continue developing the skills needed to be "ready" for the "unpredictable". With some real-life examples and cases, Eli paints a great picture for listeners to take a step back and look at the importance of upskilling, reskilling, and preparing for what's next. Download and listen now!

Ep. 96: Amir Tabch - Tapping Into FinTech in the Middle East

Amir Tabch, Chartered MCSI, MFTA, CFTe, MSTA, Senior Executive, Global Wealth & WealthTech Management, Board Avisor, and finance professional, joins Count Me In to discuss how organizations can tap into FinTech in the Middle East. With co-host Rouba Zeidan, he shares his views on the state of the sector in the region and how finance and accounting professionals can leverage these disruptive technologies to better support and advise the companies they work for. Download and listen now!

Ep. 95: Brad Ledford - What Does the Job Market Look Like Now?

Brad Ledford, CMA, CPA, President of DHG Search in South Carolina, joins Count Me In to talk about today's job market. New obstacles have placed themselves between accounting and finance professionals and permanent job roles. But new opportunities have presented themselves, too! There are a lot of new norms when it comes to job searching, job recruiting, interviewing, and hiring, and Brad explains what to expect along the whole journey. From popular positions to struggling industries, he is able to answer questions that many of our listeners may have relating to finding a new job following the economic shift and remote work environment. " positive, be optimistic, and then look for those new ways to plug-in in this new environment." Download and listen now!

BONUS | Asha Merugu - Gender Parity in Finance

Asha Merugu, Senior Manager in EY GDS, joins Count Me In to discuss her journey up the career ladder. In this episode, Asha outlines the challenges and strategies to excel as a woman in the finance sector in India and describes how she was able to overcome these obstacles and demonstrate her abilities to be an organizational leader. The finance and accounting scene in India currently consists of private and government sectors driving major business initiatives to promote gender parity, and Asha shares her perspective on everything happening. Download and listen now!

Ep. 94: Neta Meidav - Internal Ethical Reporting

Neta Meidav, co-Founder and CEO of Vault, joins Count Me In to talk about the benefits of a new internal ethical reporting platform and how it can help organizations overcome the pitfalls of their traditional reporting procedures and whistleblower policies. Trusted and transparent standards for reporting workplace misconduct makes employees 8% more likely to report such cases, and technology backed by proper research can do just that! Download our episode and listen now to hear more about ethics, reporting, and Vault, the technology which underpins today's Cultural Workplace Revolution.

BONUS | Jolene Lampton - Global Ethics Day

Jolene A. Lampton, Ph.D., CPA, CGMA, and CFE, Professor of Management/Accounting and Area Coordinator of MBA - Accounting Programs at Park University | Austin Campus School of Business, joins Count Me In to talk about the meaning of Global Ethics Day. As a member of IMA’s Committee on Ethics, Jolene has a strong belief that all organizations should have their foundations rooted in ethics. And ethical foundations start with people. Giving-voice-to-values is a powerful tool for the development of a strong ethical culture and Jolene helps listeners understand how they can align their values with their organization. Download and listen now!

Ep. 93: Loutfi Echehade - Maneuvering Business following Crisis

Family businesses are an integral part of the regional economic landscapes and stand to be impacted the most with current circumstances. In this episode of Count Me In, Loutfi Echehade, a seasoned financial advisor to family businesses in Saudi Arabia and the region discusses implications of COVID-19 and shares much needed insight on how such business owners can maneuver at such a critical time in their history.

Ep. 92: Liv Watson & David Wray - Digital Transformation: Business Reporting in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Liv Watson, Sr. Director of Strategic Customer Initiatives at Workiva, and David Wray, Sr. Director of Accounting and Reporting at Huawei, join Count Me In to talk about the recently published paper by IMA that they co-authored, which calls for a digital transformation to solve a critical market problem of cost and risk of compliance. The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) estimates fragmented regulations cost the financial industry sector alone $780 billion annually. IDC has predicted that worldwide data will grow 61% per year, from 33 zettabytes to 175 zettabytes by 2025. IBM estimated annual costs incurred from low-quality data in the United States alone in 2016 reached $3.1 trillion. These staggering numbers highlight the critical need for accounting and compliance professionals and processes to transform in order to overcome these challenges—and do so fast. And Liv and David discuss exactly what that all means for you and your organization! To hear more about the RegData process, the imminent data revolution, what the future holds for data and compliance or what accounting professionals need to do to remain invaluable organizational resources, download and listen to the episode now!

Ep. 91: Deepika Chawla - Women in Finance

Deepika Chawla, VP Finance in a Fortune 500 company in India, joins Count Me In to talk with Rouba Zeidan about how she has built a successful career in the finance sector over the past two decades in India. A well-known professional in the industry, Deepika shares her journey to the top and discusses the various challenges women face in the accounting and finance field in India. Download and listen now to hear her inspiring and successful journey!

Ep. 90: Andy Kettlewell - Volatility of Supply and Demand

Andy Kettlewell, VP of Inventory & Analytics at Walgreens, joins Count Me In to talk about the recent volatility of demand due to COVID-19 and the impact of volatility in supply when it comes to answering the question, "How much inventory can/should I procure?". During the last few months, many look at the consumers when exploring various demands, but it is important to recognize the effects on supply chain, too. Andy, who has over 15 years of experience working in supply chain and inventory, talks about how your accounting and finance team can shape its budget to take into consideration the various volatility factors and make better business decisions through the use of technology. Download and listen now!

Ep. 89: Mai Luu - Alternatives to Venture Capital for Small Businesses

Mai Luu, CMA, CPA, CFE, COO of Commonwealth Capital LLC, joins Count Me In to talk about the recent results small businesses have been faced with following the global pandemic and explains what funding options they have to rebuild and stay true to their vision. Mai is also the Founder and Owner at Outsourced CFO, Controller, and Back Office Accounting, and recently co-founded and serves as the CEO of White Mountain LLC, an American firm specializing in Made-in-Vietnam personal protective equipment (PPE). In this episode, she summarizes the economic impact of COVID-19 and shares her perspective on how small businesses can renew and reset their strategies to improve cash flow and liquidity. Because of the high-risk nature of small businesses and the selectiveness of venture capital firms, these small- to mid-size enterprises may need to look at alternatives to funding. Download and listen to the episode now to hear how!

Ep. 88: Karin Baggstrom - How Has COVID-19 Accelerated Business?

Karin Baggström is the co-founder and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at STARZPLAY (, the leading subscription video on demand (SVOD) service that streams to over 20 countries across Asia, Middle East and North Africa. As the CFO, Karin has driven the development and implementation of the company’s financial strategy and operating model. She has played a key role in securing investments, from the first seed investment to the later rounds, through to its subsequent growth and expansion taking STARZPLAY to its market leading position with more than 1.7 million subscribers. Thanks to a sound financial strategy, STARZPLAY is now on the brink of profitability just over five years from its launch, a very short time frame for an SVOD service in an emerging market. Karin has spent the best part of the last two decades working with technology start-ups throughout Europe and more recently in the MENA region. Before joining STARZPLAY, she co-founded a taxi-app start-up that pioneered in Stockholm and in 2012 she joined the HBO Nordic venture, a joint venture between HBO Inc. and a Swedish technology services company. In this episode of Count Me In, Karin talks about how the digital transformation in finance and accounting has played a role in the STARZPLAY business model, explains how her company has reported an increase in the number of subscribers throughout this pandemic, and shares her thoughts on how difficult times can accelerate business. Download and listen now!

Ep. 87: Jason Pierce - Where'd the money go? Auditing, Forensic Accounting, and Business Valuation

Jason Pierce, CPA, CMA, CFM, CVA, MAFF is a partner with the firm Edelstein & Company LLP in Boston. Prior to moving to Massachusetts, he was a partner at an Alaskan CPA firm and a valuation manager for an RSM McGladrey network firm. Jason specializes in financial forensics and business valuations for dispute and transaction-related engagements. In this episode of Count Me In, he talks about how he got into this specialization and how all his accounting skills have been transferable. He also explains the importance of data and data analytics when it comes to completing his assignments. Jason is a lead instructor for NACVA’s Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF) and a regular speaker at other professional organizations. Jason is an active member of the Massachusetts Society of CPA’s (Business Valuation Committee) and the Boston Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants (Vice President - Education). Download and listen now to hear an interesting and engaging conversation!

Ep. 86: Mitchell Powell - Financial Performance Management

Mitchell Powell, CFO at H.J. Russell & Company, is a versatile, creative, well-rounded, and hands-on CFO who brings broad functional breadth and team leadership. Throughout his career, he has a successful and demonstrable track record of putting in place scalable, best-in-class finance teams and financial infrastructure. In this episode, Mitchell shares his insight and perspective on financial performance management software. He explains the basic benefits for those who may be new to FPM and shares some use cases to illustrate how it can further improve the operations of those who do have a background with the software. For practical applications and more information on financial performance management, download and listen now!

BONUS | Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh - Women in Finance

Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh, CFO of Dun & Bradstreet Technologies, joins Rouba Zeidan of Count Me In to talk about women as leaders in the finance industry. Sangeeta has received recognition and numerous accolades, including “Leading Woman Chief Financial Officer in India”, “India’s most influential women in Finance” by, "Innovator in Finance” at International Women Leaders Forum, “100 inspiring authors of India”, and was awarded the "Outstanding Professional” Award by FICCI. In this episode, Sangeeta and Rouba tackle gender equality in India, rising up the corporate ladder and leadership amid COVID-19. Sangeeta also shares her expertise on managing company finances during this pandemic as well as her advice on optimizing career opportunities for young finance professionals. Download and listen now!

Ep. 85: Russell Porter - Adapting Leadership and Management Strategies in a Crisis

Russ Porter, Vice President of Finance and Planning for IBM, joins Count Me In to talk about how he adapted his leadership and management strategies to manage his team during the global pandemic. Russ has been with the company for over 27 years in a variety of financial leadership positions, and has worked across finance disciplines and cultures around the world. Russ believes that while Accounting and Finance are often perceived to be only about numbers, our profession is really about people. When facing crises like the current pandemic, that focus on people takes on an even greater importance, as teams collaborate across organizations to help companies and institutions survive, or even thrive. In this conversation, he shares some strategies for employee engagement when nearly everyone is working out of the office. Download and listen now!

Ep. 84: Jason Krantz - Data and Analytics | Driving Business Strategy

Jason Krantz, Founder and CEO of Strategy Titan, joins Count Me In to talk about data, analytics, strategy, and risk mitigation. Jason has over 10 years of business analytics, data science, and strategic leadership experience in public and private equity owned business. With like-minded data scientists and strategists, he formed Strategy Titan, a data analytics company that helps organizations grow their top lines, bottom lines, and valuations by "weaponizing" data and transforming it into a competitive advantage. In this episode, you'll hear Jason talk about the difference between "data and analytics" and "data analytics", how these analytics strategies need to drive the overall business strategy, and how aligning your organization's strategies will help mitigate risk. Download and listen now!

Ep. 83: Sandhya Sriram - Strategic Planning, Prioritization, and Motivation

Sandhya Sriram, VP of Finance and Global Head of Audit & Risks at Wipro Enterprises, joins Count Me In to talk about planning, prioritizaiton, and motivation. With most finance professionals looking to make sense of the current economic climate, Rouba Zeidan speaks to Sandhya to find out more about where the priorities lie in business. Before her current role, Sandhya was with Wipro Technologies as the Global Head of Finance for Consumer Business Unit. Prior to joining Wipro, Sandhya worked close to a decade and a half with Unilever in various roles including Business Partnering, Controllership, Shared Services, IT, Project Management, Supply Chain Finance etc. Sandhya is One Among India’s Top 100 Women in Finance, has been awarded the CA CFO - Services Sector, an Economic Times Top 50 Young Leader, and a Public Speaker. During this podcast, she shares her expertise on strategic planning during a pandemic and how professionals can best balance organizational priorities while managing their teams--particularly remotely. Download and listen now!

Ep. 82: Ben Jackson - Do Your Company's Internal Controls Mitigate the Risk of AI?

Ben Jackson, MBA, CSOE, is a John Maxwell Certified Coach and serves as an accounting consultant for business and leadership development. He has extensive industry experience in technical accounting, system implementation, and various business processes. In this episode of Count Me In, Ben talks about internal controls and the new policies and procedures that need to be implemented in order to mitigate the risks of emerging technologies, like AI and RPA. Now, with the added risk of remote work, internal controls are more crucial than ever. And, in this conversation, Ben explains how to overcome some of these new risks and obstacles to ensure your company's communication remains open and compliant.

Ep. 81: Andrew Royer - Choosing the Right Accounting Software

Andrew Royer, CPA, CGA, is an accountant, bookkeeper, and profit first professional who aims to transform your business from a cash-eating monster to a money-making machine. Andrew spent 13 years writing accounting software before actually switching into the accounting field. He has an entrepreneurial mindset and diverse skillset, which enabled him to start his own CPA firm, Royer Accounting Ltd., CPA. In this episode, Andrew talks about the pros and cons of various accounting software and explains how to choose the best option for your business so you can work efficiently and increase profits. Download and listen now!

Ep. 80: Michael High - Digitalization and Business Transformation

Michael High, CMA, FP&A, currently leads the finance organization for Royal Dutch Shell’s Deep Water Gulf of Mexico business and is based in New Orleans, LA. He is passionate about thought and people leadership, diversity & inclusiveness, digital transformation and personal development. In this episode of Count Me In, Michael talks about finance digitalization, business transformation, and the efforts needed to strategically lead change. He is currently a member of the finance committee on the Board of the Association for Financial Professionals and was recognized by IMA as one of five Young Leaders of the Year in 2011. He is able to share his vast amounts of knowledge stemming from twenty-years of professional experience in roles spanning 4 continents with Shell and the US Army, where he served as an Intelligence Officer. Download and listen now!

BONUS | Rob Mars - The Global Passport

Rob Mars, business owner, part-time CFO and advisor, and former IMA Global Board member, joins Count Me In to talk about why he considers the CMA certification a "global passport" in business. Rob has extensive experience as a senior Finance executive in Maritime, Transportation and Offshore, with international exposure through Asia regional positions in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore. He also held global roles in London and Rotterdam. Until December 2019, he was the Executive Director for Sinokor Group (Tanker, Bulk, Container shipping) in Seoul, South Korea. Rob says the CMA designation helped him at the start of his career working in an US multinational corporation and allowed him to fulfill his desire for further education and career advancement. As we recently heard in another bonus episode, CMAs continue to create and add value to their organizations; Rob emphasizes how all this is true, and on a global scale! Download and listen now.

BONUS | Dennis Whitney (IMA) - CMA Update!

Senior Vice President of Certifications at IMA, Dennis Whitney, CMA, CAE, CFM, joins Count Me In again to give an update on everything related to the CMA exam! Following some challenges due to the global coronavirus outbreak, IMA and the CMA have remained strong and candidates are again in a position to earn their certification. Dennis covers how IMA handled the global challenges, what regions are doing as far as reopening, how candidates are performing on the exam, and why CMAs have been so valuable to their organizations through these difficult times. Download and listen now!

Ep. 79: Chris Wymbs - Innovation and Change with Strong Leadership

Chris Wymbs, Executive Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer at AMC Networks, joins Count Me In to talk about leadership, values, and trust through innovation, continuous improvement, and working in unprecedented times. Chris is a C-suite finance executive with a proven record of success at Fortune 50 companies with an extensive background in all aspects of finance. He considers himself a collaborative business partner motivated by organizational success and an inspiring leader with a focus on building strong teams, developing talent and promoting excellence. In this episode, Chris shares the story of his career, talks about what leadership characteristics are most important to him, and changes he's seen in his organization--from the changes in the profession to the changes he's implemented and the changes caused by recent events. Download and listen now!

Ep. 78: Heather Bain - Survival Strategies for Small Businesses

Heather Bain, CMA, MBA, and CPA, Committee Chair of IMA’s Small Business Committee (SBC), and Owner of Bain CPA Business Strategies, LLC. joins Count Me In to talk about what small and medium size businesses can do during this time of crisis. Heather has experience in numerous industries including oil and gas, real estate, human resources, computer technology and training. She has served Houston area entrepreneurs as a business plan adviser for the Business Plan Competition held each year by NewSpring and Houston Community College. She is well versed in various strategies businesses can follow to ensure their success in continuing operations. Listen in to hear more about business planning and continuity, emergency response and recovery plans, and structured steps to "weather the storm".

Ep. 77: Ron Guymon - The Evolution of Accounting Education

Ron Guymon, Senior Lecturer at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, focuses on teaching data analytics to accounting and business students. While most of what he teaches focuses on using Python and R, he also continues to use Excel and Google Sheets. Ron believes that because these spreadsheet tools are excellent ways for establishing a foundation in data analytics because of their visual nature, and because they're widely understood. In this episode of Count Me In, Ron discusses the changes he has already seen in accounting curricula through his time in academia, and shares what he believes to be the necessary skills for accounting students and professionals to learn to keep pace with the evolving industry. Ron's career has been a mixture of accounting academics and data science. He believes that data analytic languages, like Python and R, can benefit nearly every department and organization because they automate many of the important, but mundane tasks associated with data analysis. Download and listen now to hear why data analytics in accounting education is important, how to start, and where you can go from there!

BONUS | Nicole Hulet (CSU-Global) - The Balancing Act

Every August, IMA highlights various aspects of accounting education. Through its publication, Strategic Finance, social media and marketing communications, and, now, through its podcast, IMA covers a variety of topics including changes to accounting curricula, the right skills to develop, and the value of certification, among many others. In preparation of IMA's academic month, through this episode of Count Me In, we hear from Nicole Hulet, a graduate student in the professional accounting program at Colorado State University - Global. Nicole talks about how she goes about balancing full-time school with full-time work, full-time studying, and full-time life! She is currently studying for an accounting certification while working as an accounting professional in Boulder, CO and serving on the Board of Governors for the Colorado State University - System. Download and listen for an engaging and truly inspirational conversation!

Ep. 76: Shaila Bettadapur - Future of Work

Shaila Bettadapur, Corporate Treasurer & VP of Investor Relations at Mohawk Industries, joins Count Me In to talk about the ever-changing topic of the future of work. In this episode, Shaila shares his perspective on what further changes we will see following the existing evolution due to the global pandemic. He explains how his role has already changed and what he expects to see more of in the future. Additionally, Shaila talks about the importance of ethics in a technology-driven environment.

BONUS | Linda Devonish-Mills and Derek Fuzzell - D&I in the Workplace

Linda Devonish-Mills, IMA's Director of Diversity & Inclusion, and Derek Fuzzell, CFO at PAHO/WHO Federal Credit Union and the Chair of IMA's Diversity & Inclusion Committee, sat down with Count Me In's Adam Larson to talk about D&I in the workplace during these recent trying times. In this conversation, they all discuss current events, the feelings and emotions brought out in employees following these events, and what organizations can do to support their employees and cultivate an inclusive work environment. To conclude, Derek and Linda explain the Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit recently released by IMA.

Ep. 75: Shifra Kolsky - The Effective Roll Out of RPA Implementation

Shifra Kolsky, Vice President and Assistant Controller in Finance has been at Discover since 2009. Shifra launched the finance robotic process automation (RPA) team in 2018, the first RPA team at Discover, in an effort to eliminate manual processes and gain efficiencies by redeploying human resources to tasks that required higher levels of thinking. They partnered with teams across Discover to help launch an overall Discover RPA program which included establishing governance and key messages for promoting internal use of RPA. In this episode of Count Me In, Shifra talks about what to expect (time, investment, challenges, etc.) and the overall benefits of RPA. Download and listen now to get a great foundational understanding of what is needed to effectively roll out an RPA implementation.

Ep. 74: Karim Ghandour - The Effects of COVID-19 on Family Businesses

As companies around the world have encounter some of the toughest terrains, we explore the challenges family business are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode of Count Me In, we gather insights from Karim Ghandour, succession strategist and founder of the Legacy Line Family Office. Karim explains what he does as a succession strategist, talks about some things companies need to be aware of today, and shares insights on best practices for business owners. Join us for this discussion that also covers cashflow, digital transformation and the importance of cybersecurity, today, more than ever. Download and listen now!

Ep. 73 - Mazars USA: CARES Act, PPP, and Business Planning

Mazars USA LLP is a global accounting, advisory, audit, tax, consulting firm assisting clients in the most competitive industries in the world. In this episode of Count Me In, three professionals from Mazars joined us to talk about the CARES Act and PPP loan, and discussed what they've been able to do to help their clients navigate through these uncertain times. John Confrey, CPA has more than 7 years of public accounting experience, providing attest and advisory services primarily in the real estate industry for both public and private companies. John’s clients include SEC Registered Investment Advisors, real estate private equity funds, separate accounts for institutional investors, Real Estate Investment Trusts, and residential building owners and managers. Ryan Vaughan, CPA has over 10 years of diversified public accounting experience providing tax and consulting experience to emerging, mid-market, and large multi-national companies. Ryan leads the Chicago Tax practice and Tax Credits & Incentives practice providing tax services to companies in a multitude of industries including manufacturing and distribution, energy, technology, real estate, retail, financial services, and health care. Alisha Jernack, CPA has more than 10 years experience servicing entrepreneur’s and small businesses. She specializes in financial reporting, tax and advisory services to family-owned and owner-operated businesses in trucking, warehousing, logistics, and heavy-haul businesses, as well as various manufacturing and distribution industries, and various service industries. John, Ryan, and Alisha talk about the proprietary analysis tool they developed, explain the kind of value their clients have realized from this model, and discuss what these events mean for business going into the future. Download and listen now!

Ep. 72: Marwan Al Suwaidi - Khalifa Fund Supporting Small- to Mid-Sized Enterprises

In this episode of Count Me In, we talk future of small- to medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in the GCC region and the role the Abu Dhabi-based Khalifa Fun is playing in supporting this fundamental segment of the economy, both in the region and beyond. Marwan Al Souwaidi is a seasoned finance specialist and the Director - Finance & Procurement Support Services Department at Khalifa Fund. During his conversation with Rouba Zeidan, Marwan also shares insights on how SMEs can sustain and reinvent their business models during and post COVID-19.

Ep. 71: Jeremy Belhar - Leading for Innovation and Change

Jeremy Behler, CFO at Sargento Foods, leads Finance, Accounting, Treasury, Tax, M&A, shareholder services/family office, and IT for the $1.4B consumer packaged goods leader. In this episode of Count Me In, Jeremy discusses the importance of trust and making connections with your team and across the organization to truly embrace change and begin innovating. While technology certainly drives a lot of innovation, it is really the new idea at the core that is the most impactful. For more leadership tips and characteristics, download and listen now!

Ep. 70: Vidal Espinosa - Everyone is Broke! They Just Don't Know it Yet...

Vidal Espinosa, Principal Partner and CFO of Invictus Advisors, joins Count Me In to talk about his theory that everyone is broke, they just don't know it yet! What he means by this is there's a lot more to business, and individuals, than just money and numbers. Vidal and Invictus Advisors help business owners manage and improve their cash flow through outsourced CFO services and strive to relieve the stress of business ownership and financial decision making. Vidal works closely with his clients to help them understand possible problems and develops strong working relationships to identify solutions. But this episode is really about more than just financials! Download and listen to hear how Vidal views various business models and also helps manage expectations to ultimately be successful.

Ep. 69: Sandra Clarke - Finance & Innovation -- The Perfect Partnership

Sandra Clarke, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at Blue Shield of California, is a proponent of finance innovation. At Blue Shield of California, she oversees the company's financial strategy, actuarial functions, and financial operations in addition to lading Enterprise Process Transformation. Most recently, under Sandra’s leadership, Blue Shield of California has made $200M in financing and support available to struggling physicians and hospitals affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The entire concept was an example of innovative thinking to ensure California can have a robust provider network after this crisis, and there is also an innovative technology element to the program as well. In this episode of Count Me In, Sandra talks about the value of crossing finance and innovation and balancing both to effectively lead your firm. Download and listen now!

Ep. 68: Paul Miller - Tax Implications and Planning due to COVID-19

Paul Miller, CPA is a driven individual and a tireless businessman with over 30 years in the accounting industry. With offices in New York, Florida, and the District of Columbia and approximately 2,000 clients internationally to his firm, Paul is a trusted and sought-after accountant. Now, due to COVID-19, there have been many changes that businesses and individuals need to be aware of. For example, the tax deadline in the US has been extended, government loans have been issued, and these happenings have certain implications. In this episode of Count Me in, Paul talks about what he has seen amidst this crisis for various businesses and helps explain the risks and opportunities associated with the money available to individuals and business owners. Download and listen now!

Ep. 67: Gordon Hofman - How Can I Improve My Organizational Culture for Better Productivity?

Gordon Hofman, VP - Finance at SSA Marine, has twenty one years of progressive experience with a multi-billion dollar privately held transportation company and its technology development subsidiary. He is a people and teams leader responsible for directing financial strategy. Gordon's role includes overseeing financial and operational development of the company, as well as driving process improvements and transforming the company into a more data driven entity. In this episode of Count Me In, he shares what can be done to improve personal productivity and employee retention by creating the appropriate organizational culture. Download and listen now!

BONUS | Alain Mulder and Bernardin Generalao - Business Continuity in Europe

Alain Mulder, Senior Director of Europe Operations for IMA, and Bernardin Generalao, Director of Regional Partner Relations for IMA, join Count Me In to talk about how IMA's European offices in Amsterdam and Zurich are coping with the business disruption due to COVID-19. They both also discuss how they have made strategic leadership decisions to ensure business continues in the region. This regionally focused bonus episode continues the series of conversations we are having to highlight the various efforts across the globe to empower the management accounting profession. This is another informative interview as Alain and Bernardin discuss timely accounting and finance issues. Download and listen now!

Ep. 66: John Stretch - Stakeholder Capitalism

John Stretch has four decades of experience as a business consultant specializing in management accounting. He has worked on projects with clients in banking, retailing, transport, logistics, manufacturing, mining, and energy. He has authored three books and many blogs and magazine articles published in CFO magazine, professional institutes, and business school journals. In this episode of Count Me In, John explains what stakeholder capitalism means and how business should account for their various types of intellectual capital. Ultimately, John helps us understand what the CFO's role is in making value-added decisions for the firm. Download and listen now!

Ep. 65: Patricia Werhane - The Ethics of Commerce During Crisis

Patricia H. Werhane, Professor Emerita, was formerly the Ruffin Professor of Business Ethics at Darden School of Business, University of Virginia. She then accepted the Wicklander Chair in Business Ethics and director of the Institute for Business and Professional Ethics at De Paul University where she is also Professor Emerita. Currently she is adjunct professor at the University of Illinois Gies College of Business and a Fellow for the Center for Professional Responsibility in Business and Society. In this episode of Count Me In, Patricia tackles the difficult question of how commerce should be handled during this time of crisis. With a perspective on local and federal businesses and governments, she shares some ideas and plans to balance this difficult ethical question. Download and listen now!

Ep. 64: Rohit Thakkar - The Business Partner as a Co-Pilot

Rohit Thakkar, Finance Business Parter at Adobe, joins Count Me In to talk about how the business partner's role is critical in connecting the dots and driving results for the organization by serving as a navigator or co-pilot of the firm. Business partnering is a term that has been around for a long time, and a role that has increased value. In this episode, Rohit explains just how you can increase your value and elevate to business partner by establishing strong KPIs and benchmarks for the organization, then navigating the finance team and rest of the firm over the bridge from short-term goals to long-term initiatives. To hear the perspective of a diversified finance professional committed to excellence in operations, team performance, and service to internal and external stakeholders, particularly from the standpoint of Adobe's finance function, download and listen to this episode now!

BONUS | Richard Li - Business Continuity in China (with Rouba Zeidan)

Richard Li, IMA's Vice President and Chief Representative of China, joins Count Me In to talk about COVID-19 in the region and discusses the internal and external developments being implemented to safeguard human life and business continuity. This regionally focused bonus episode hosted by Rouba Zeidan continues the series of conversations we are having to highlight the various efforts across the globe to empower the management accounting profession. This is another informative interview as Richard discusses all of the timely accounting and finance issues. Download and listen now!

BONUS | International Management Accounting Day: Jeff Thomson - Creating Value in Critical Times (with Rouba Zeidan)

IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) celebrates International Management Accounting Day® on May 6. This global day of recognition commemorates the important role management accountants play within their organizations. Count Me In is excited to participate in the celebration of this day by sharing another bonus episode for the series. Rouba Zeidan speaks with IMA President and CEO, Jeff Thomson, about what this day means to him and how critically important it is for management accountants to continuously create value, particularly in light of today's business circumstances. Download and listen now!

Ep. 63: Ray Hutchins & Mitch Tanenbaum - How You Can Leverage Cybersecurity to Increase Your Value to Any Organization

Ray Hutchins and Mitch Tanenbaum, owners of CyberCecurity, LLC and Turnkey Cybersecurity and Privacy Solutions, LLC share their knowledge and explain how financial service professionals can easily and quickly increase their value to any organization. Cybersecurity is a business risk issue more than it is an IT issue. Financial service professionals understand risk and they can quickly gain the knowledge they need to be able to talk cybersecurity and privacy. There is such a shortage of business professionals with these skills, so their knowledge and value will be recognized quickly. In this episode, Mitch and Ray discuss this issue in an interesting and informative way that any financial service professional will enjoy and benefit from. Download and listen now!

Ep. 62: Doug Boyle - The Emotionally Intelligent Accountant

Dr. Doug Boyle, CMA, CPA, serves as the Director of the Doctorate in Business Administration Program, the Nonprofit Leadership Program, and the High School Business Scholars Program and as the Accounting Department Chair at The University of Scranton. He has served in many faculty leadership roles including Faculty Senate President. He has over 30 years of professional experience in start-up, middle market, and Fortune 500 companies where he has held the titles of CEO, COO, and CFO. He is also an award winning researcher and teacher. National research recognitions include four Lybrand Medals (Gold in 2018 and 2016; Silver 2015; Bronze 2014) from the Institute of Management Accountants and the Michael J. Barrett Doctoral Dissertation Award from the Institute of Internal Auditors in 2011. In this episode of Count Me In, Dr. Boyle discusses his research into emotional intelligence. He shares how accounting and finance professionals who exemplify higher emotional intelligence are more likely to obtain higher organizational positions and how emotionally intelligent accountants offer value to their organizations. To learn about the various components of emotional intelligence and how they can be applied, download and listen now!

Ep. 61: Jose Zavala - Cloud Accounting: What does that mean to me?

Jose Zavala, Principle at ZTX Advisors LLC and Xero Ambassador, joins Count Me In to talk about all things relating to cloud accounting. Jose has experience working with a number of different firms in an effort to help them scale efficiently and increase cash flow while implementing cost saving strategies. He leverages technology and applications to increase efficiency, and he shares a lot of his personal insight in this episode. From RPA and machine learning to future implications of technology on finance and accounting, Jose explains what it all means and why it matters! Download and listen now.

Ep. 60: Chris Clulow - Embracing Technology to Lead in Accounting

Chris Clulow has been the Corporate Controller of Cummins Inc. since March 1, 2017. As Controller, he is responsible for Cummins’ global accounting processes, financial reporting, accounting policy, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, and finance systems. In addition, Chris has oversight over global risk and insurance, government contract compliance and finance & accounting transformation. In this episode of Count Me In, Chris talks about how technology has changed the role of the accountant and controller, explains how strong leadership has helped him embrace technology and lead his team during the current crisis, and predicts what others will expect of the finance and accounting professionals in the future. Download and listen now!

Ep. 59: Danetha Doe - Entrepreneurial Mindset with Accounting Skills

Danetha Doe, entrepreneur, journalist, economist, manifestation teacher and the creator of Money & Mimosas, joins Count Me In to talk about how her knowledge of accounting enabled her to transition her career and shift her mindset to get to where she is today. Money & Mimosas is a financial well-being resource enjoyed by readers in over fifty countries. Danetha was named a personal finance expert by Fast Company and the Wall Street Journal. She was recognized as a millennial thought leader by the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs and a millennial entrepreneur to watch by the office of Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Danetha is the star financial expert in the TV series, Going From Broke, produced by Ashton Kutcher, which garnered over 12 million views in its first season. Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Elle, The Chicago Tribune, Cosmopolitan, NBC and more. Through all her endeavors and experiences, Danetha came to understand being a business owner is about a professional journey that requires you to evolve so your business can evolve. Download and listen to all the details now!

BONUS | Dr. Talal Abu Ghazaleh - The Godfather of Arab Accounting (with Rouba Zeidan)

Dr. Talal Abu Ghazaleh is the chairman and founder of the international Jordan-based Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global. Dubbbed as the godfather of Arab accounting, Abu-Ghazaleh has also been credited for promoting the significance of Intellectual Property in the Arab World, and beyond. In this special episode of Count Me In, he speaks with host Rouba Zeidan about the evolution of education and how we will learn in the future. Abu Ghazaleh also talks about his view of gender parity in the region while touching on some of the most significant turning points in his life and career, and how these have impacted his overall view on leadership. Download this insightful and informative episode now!

Ep. 58: Stephen Rivera - Leadership in Crisis: A Frontline Perspective

Stephen D. Rivera, CPA, CGMA, Vice President of the Global Technical Accounting Advisory Services & Policy group at Johnson & Johnson, joined Count Me In to talk about the value of authentic leadership, particularly in a time of crisis. Steve provides guidance for all of J&J's business transactions relating to their pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumers segments. On the morning of J&J's announcement for a lead vaccine candidate for COVID-19, Steve explained how accounting and finance leaders can remain true to their philosophies and continue to follow the organizational mission or credo to make sure business succeeds while ensuring the well-being of their teams. He is a hands-on, personable leader who is highly interactive cross-functionally, so he shares how he has been able to adapt to these new working environments and keep the transparency with his group. Steve is passionate about diversity and inclusiveness and highlights how this organizational dedication and existing team composition has allowed J&J to work at the frontline of this crisis. For a true, passionate, and heartfelt discussion about the leadership needed in today's accounting and finance world, download and listen to Steve Rivera now!

BONUS | Hanadi Khalife - Business Continuity in the Middle East & India (with Rouba Zeidan)

Hanadi Khalife, Senior Director of Middle East-Africa & India Operations at IMA, joins Count Me In to talk about COVID-19 in the region and discusses the internal and external developments being implemented to safeguard human life and business continuity. In this episode, Adam also welcomes a new co-host to Count Me In, Rouba Zeidan! Rouba is the Communications Manager for the Middle East and India in IMA's Dubai office and she conducts an engaging and informative interview with Hanadi about all these timely issues. From addressing the challenging business decisions needing to be made to the positive advice for all business leaders, Rouba and Hanadi give great perspective and insight into how IMA and the region is handling this global crisis. Download and listen now!

Ep. 57: Richard Starkey - Digital Nomads

Richard Starkey, Managing Partner of CronosNow, joins Count Me In again as the first returning guest of the series. In his first episode, Richard talked about his background and some of his personal experiences to explain why accounting and finance skills are so important to entrepreneurship and running a business. In this episode, Richard talks more about what he has learned over the past year and his shift in business mindset. CronosNow is now about Shopify Accountants and Richard is managing the business as a digital nomad. He tells us the benefits and challenges of this lifestyle and how this decision impacts his business and clients. Richard Starkey is someone who has interest in a number of startups, some successful and some what he refers to as "great life lessons along with some humble pie", and being a digital nomad is just the next step. Download and listen now!

BONUS | Wendy Tietz - Leading Online Learning

Wendy Tietz, Ph.D., CMA, CSCA, CPA, is a professor in the Department of Accounting in the College of Business Administration at Kent State University, where she teaches financial accounting and managerial accounting. She teaches in a variety of formats, including large face to face, hybrid synchronous web-based, and asynchronous web-based. She authors a blog, Accounting in the Headlines, which has real-world news stories and resources for use in the introductory accounting classroom. Wendy has been published in several accounting journals and is the co-author of two accounting textbooks (Managerial Accounting, Braun & Tietz, 2017, 5th ed, Pearson Education and Financial Accounting, Thomas, Tietz & Harrison, 2018, 12th ed, Pearson Education). She has won numerous teaching awards at the college, university, and national levels and remains involved in IMA at the local, state, and global level, as well as serving as a member of AAA, AICPA, and Ohio Society of CPAs. Wendy is extremely passionate about introductory accounting education, social media, engagement, and educational technology. All these passions have been combined in today's business environment as she, like many others, has been forced to teach exclusively online and incorporate different social media and engagement strategies through educational technology to continue with her accounting curriculum. To learn from Wendy's experiences and hear some practical steps for leading online learning, download and listen to this episode now!

BONUS | Heather Fletcher - Quick Tips for those New to Remote Work

Heather Fletcher, GG, AJP, has a diverse background in Gemology, training, writing, creating, volunteering, and yoga. She has expertise in Colored Diamond Grading and runs a successful Etsy store of her own creations. She is currently the Candidate Manager for Mission Recruiting, LLC, where she has been working remotely since before it was necessary to do so across the globe. In this podcast, Heather joins Count Me in to share her insights into how one can stay sane and productive in this new frontier of required remote working! As IMA continues to offer various resources to help accounting and finance professionals further their careers, Count Me In further contributes with its bonus episodes focusing on excelling in this new business environment. Download and listen to Heather now so you can adapt some of her quick tips to becoming a more productive remote worker!

Ep. 56: Peter Margaritas - Storytelling in the Foreign Language of Accounting

Peter Margaritis, CPA, CSP, is a keynote speaker, improv virtuoso, podcaster, and the author of “Improv Is No Joke: Using Improvisation to Create Positive Results in Leadership and in Life” and “Taking The Numb Out of Numbers: Explaining and Presenting Financial Information with Confidence and Clarity.” In this episode of Count Me In, Peter talks about why FASB needs to make changes to better enable accountants to speak the 'foreign language'. He explains how that idea and storytelling relates to 'taking the numb out of numbers', a reference to his recent book. Peter has a Master’s Degree in Accountancy from Case Western Reserve University and he is a licensed, non-practicing, CPA in Ohio. Peter has worked for companies such as Price Waterhouse, C&S National Bank, Ohio Dominican University, and Victoria Secret Catalogue, (not as a model). Peter has earned the highest credential of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) from the National Speakers Association and he is one of only 12 CSPs & CPAs in the Association. Peter is a past chairman of the Ohio Society of CPAs executive board and a former delegate to the AICPA governing council. He talks about his public accounting experience and how the role has shifted to require new skills in today's accounting world. Want to know why accounting standards need to change? Interested in hearing how to make numbers less numbing? This is a highly engaging episode that covers it all. Download and listen now!

BONUS | Working Remotely? | Jordan Hirsch - Tips for Working Remotely from an Experienced Remote Worker

Jordan Hirsch helps people and organizations say "yes, and" to change. He is the Director of Innovation at Phase2, a digital experience agency, where he works remotely from Brooklyn, NY. As a long-time improv actor and teacher with decades of experience in web development and digital strategy, Jordan uses improv tools and concepts to infuse digital transformation projects with playful and powerful experiences that help teams unleash their potential and get excited about their future. He's been working remotely for over a decade and is excited to share what he's learned in that time to help other people say "yes, and" to this moment. We are thankful Jordan joined us on Count Me In to share his perspective on remote work and provide some practical tips for our accounting and finance professionals to be more effective. Looking to improve your productivity while working from home? Download and listen to this episode now!

Ep. 55: Alessia Falsarone - 2020: The Year of ESG Data

Alessia Falsarone, SASB FSA is a Managing Director in the Global Fixed Income team at PineBridge Investments in New York, a private, global asset manager focused on active, high-conviction investing. As Head of Sustainable Investing and Chair of the firm’s Corporate Responsibility Steering Committee, she brings an integrated portfolio management lens to the investigation of the Environmental, Social and Governance practices of global organizations that access developed credit markets. Previously, Ms. Falsarone served as Vice President of Global Investments in the office of the CIO at Citigroup, and as a quantitative strategist on Citigroup's institutional research desk in San Francisco. She started her career as an investment banker with Credit Suisse. Additionally, Ms. Falsarone is a Governance Fellow of the National Association of Corporate Directors and an active member of several technical expert groups including the Standards Advisory Group of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), the Advisory Council of the Green and Social Bonds Principles, and the UN PRI Advisory Committee on ESG in Credit Risk and Ratings. With all this experience, Alessia talks to us here at Count Me In about all things relating to ESG data and integrated reporting, with a focus on how technology has influenced stakeholder decisions in this area. Upon the completion of this episode, you will certainly understand why Alessia refers to 2020 as the year of ESG data!

Ep. 54: Efrain Rivera - How Have Tech Trends Affected Accounting Services and HR?

Efrain Rivera, Senior VP, CFO & Treasurer at Paychex, joined Adam here on Count Me In to talk about how the recent technology trends have impacted the job he and his team are required to do as an outsources service provider of human resources, payroll, and benefits. Efrain joined Paychex in June 2011 after serving as Corporate VP and CFO at Bausch & Lomb, a global eye health company. During his time at Bausch & Lomb, Rivera held several senior management positions, with responsibilities ranging from managing the company’s commercial operations in Latin America and Canada, to leading finance for Bausch & Lomb’s global vision care division, to overseeing the firm’s treasury operations, including management of a $600 million investment portfolio. Rivera holds a Doctor of Management degree, Master of Business Administration, and a Juris Doctor degree. Tune in now to hear this established executive talk about the shift in services in today's digital age!

Ep. 53: Rachel Druckenmiller - Invest in Yourself | Self-Care & Self-Leadership

Rachel Druckenmiller, MS, Founder & CEO of UNMUTED, is a keynote speaker who teaches high-performing leaders how to strengthen their soft skills and self care so they can be more effective. Rachel joined Count Me In to talk specifically about how individuals can invest in themselves to improve their overall well-being and enhance performance. She focuses on self-care and self-leadership, highlighting why it is important for professionals--particularly in accounting and finance--to stay true to themselves and avoid the dreaded burnout. Download and listen now!

Ep. 52: Mike Wallace - ESG Related Metrics for Accounting and Finance Professionals

Mike Wallace, Partner at ERM: Environmental Resources Management, joins Count Me In to talk about all things relating to ESG. Mike previously spoke with IMA around the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in 2011 and was able to provide insight into some changes that relate to ESG data and integrated reporting. With so much data now available, businesses and investors are very interested in particular metrics that represent an aptitude for managing their money and their firms responsibly. Mike is an internationally recognized expert in sustainability, ESG, and human capital, and brings this global knowledge to IMA once again to provide advice and insight into the development and implementation of sustainability. He has helped launch a range of sustainability programs inside existing organizations, helped create new initiatives, and helped organizations expand into new markets and, in this episode, he speaks specifically to those in accounting and finance of small and medium sized businesses. Listen now to hear about how your business can measure its reporting and performance with all the tools and resources available in today's industry!

BONUS | Kelly Paxton - Pink Collar Crime

Kelly Paxton, CFE, Principal at K Paxton LLC, is a fraud consultant and professional speaker. She spoke at IMA's Annual Conference and Expo (ACE) in June 2019. For her presentation, Kelly talked about Pink Collar Crime. Following the presentation, she agreed to speak with IMA's Manager of Brand Content and Storytelling, Margaret Michaels. Kelly Kelly Paxton is a Pink Collar crime expert, Private Investigator, and Professional Speaker . Embezzlement by trusted employees, workplace investigations, background investigations of employees, due diligence, open source intelligence, and civil matters involving litigation support are all types of cases she has experience with. In this bonus episode, we will hear Margaret's interview with Kelly and learn more about Pink Collar Crime. After listening to the episode, please visit the Show Notes for valuable resources from Kelly, as well as more information regarding IMA's 2020 Annual Conference.

Ep. 51: Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope - Fraud, Film, and Lifelong Learning

Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope is an Associate Professor in the School of Accountancy and Management Information Systems at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois where she teaches financial, managerial and forensic accounting. Kelly’s research on organizational misconduct culminated into directing and producing the award-winning documentary, All the Queen’s Horses, in 2017 which streamed on Netflix from July 2018-2019. In 2018, Pope became a TED speaker with her impactful and timely TED Talk entitled ‘How whistle-blowers shape history.’ Her research has been published in the Behavioral Research in Accounting, Auditing: A Journal of Theory & Practice, Journal of Business Ethics, The CPA Journal and WebCPA. She holds a Ph.D. in accounting from Virginia Tech and is a licensed CPA. In this episode of Count Me In, Kelly summarizes all her above experiences and shares an insightful perspective on how accounting, and accounting education, can effectively combine her passions for fraud, film, and lifelong learning. Her general curiosity and involvement in various topics enables her to peak the interest of and engage her students on a regular basis. To hear about how you may be able to weave your passions together and enhance your learning in the area of accounting, download and listen to this episode now! peak

Ep. 50: Blake Oliver - So what's the big deal about the Cloud?

Blake Oliver, CPA, Executive Producer and Co-host of the Cloud Accounting podcast, and Director of Marketing at Jirav, joins Count Me In to talk about technology trends in accounting. Blake is recognized by Accounting Today as one of the top 100 most influential people in the industry and has also been named "40 under 40" in the accounting profession by CPA Practice Advisor. He's an entrepreneurial accountant and writer specializing in cloud accounting technology, automation, and the future of the profession. As an example, in 2012, Blake founded Cloudsourced Accounting, an online accounting services firm with a mission to disrupt the business models of traditional CPA firms and freelance bookkeepers. The firm was an early adopter of cloud accounting technology, which enabled Blake’s staff and clients to collaborate 100% remotely. There are a lot of thought provoking questions and excellent insights in this episode, so stay tuned and listen now!

BONUS | Ep. 10: Rhondalynn Korolak - It's Not About What You Know, It's About What You Can Move Your Client to Do.

Rhondalynn Korolak is the Managing Director of two different companies in Melbourne, Australia. She developed SHIFT™, a teaching methodology - a five step strategy you can use to make the SHIFT™ to advisory, quickly and easily, with Businest, a tech solution app. She also teaches accountants, through Imagineering Now, how to put strategies in place to grow their practices, deliver value and impact for their entrepreneurial clients, & ensure that their clients would never think of going elsewhere! This episode of Count Me In is continuation of her discussion with Adam. Part 1 in Episode 10 talks a lot about the skills and strategies needed to thrive in accounting and business. Part 2 here focuses a lot on what Rhondalynn did to evolve her own career during the evolution of the accounting industry. She talks a lot about here "aha" moments and how that helped her adapt and succeed. The episode concludes with Rhondalynn offering some advice to our listeners as she explains her perspective on the future of the accounting and finance industry. Listen now!

Ep. 49: Katie Thomas - Want to grow your business and become more profitable?

Katie Thomas, CPA, Founder and Owner of Leaders Online LLC, is a digital marketing strategist and content creation expert who helps financial services and other businesses implement the right marketing strategies to reach their target audiences. Katie is a national speaker who captivates the attention of her listeners and shares strategies so her clients can do the same to cultivate genuine relationships. In this episode of Count Me In, Katie talks about how technology has changed the landscape of the accounting industry-not just how it has changed roles, but also the way in which finance and accounting professionals collaborate, enhance the quality of their work, and increase efficiencies. She further explains "what gets measured can be fixed", and that applies to creating stronger content and sustainable brands. Katie worked for two of the largest public accounting firms in the world and graduated as valedictorian and summa cum laude from the University of Kansas with bachelor's and master's degrees in accounting. She is now using all this experience and knowledge to put forth digital marketing efforts and lead firms through their digital transformations to grow their businesses. Leave us a review and let us know your thoughts on Katie's insights!

Ep. 48: Reed Handley - PR and Media for F&A

Reed McLaurin Handley is a Senior Vice President at Bliss Integrated Communication responsible for helping financial institutions and professional services firms manage digital transformation and leverage data to tell insightful stories to B2B and B2C audiences. Reed advises C-Suite executives and marketing communications teams on thought leadership and creative communication strategies, while leading the execution of integrated programs for both incumbent brands and industry disruptors. Prior to joining Bliss in 2014, she established the communications and operations functions at Pave, a peer-to-peer start-up aimed at democratizing access to capital for millennials. Reed joined Count Me In to talk about the needs of finance and accounting professionals in today's digital age from a marketing and public relations perspective. She explains exactly how her role has changed over the years, what financial services organizations and teams expect as far as communication and data because of this evolution in the industry, and what it takes to succeed in a highly competitive business environment. Download and listen now!

Ep. 47: MaryBeth Hyland - Organizational Culture

MaryBeth Hyland, Founder of SparkVision, knows that extraordinary success is rooted in the vision, values, and culture crafted by purpose-driven leaders and their tribe. With over 12 years of experience, built on knowledge from a BA in Social Work and MS in Nonprofit Management, she’s known for her ability to create movements across generations. As a certified mediator, mindfulness instructor, and values expert MaryBeth engages people all over the world with her authentic style to illuminate and empower people to own their role in crafting culture every day. These messages are clearly highlighted as MaryBeth joins Count Me In to suggest various strategies for implementing and leading through desired organizational cultures. Download, listen, rate, and review now!

Ep. 46: Larry Serven - How to Execute Your Strategy for Long-term Value Creation

Lawrence Serven is an internationally recognized authority on enterprise performance management (EPM). He is the founder and former CEO of XLerant, Inc., a leading EPM software company. He is also the author of Value Planning: The New Approach to Building Value Every Day (J. Wiley & Sons) that earned the endorsement of the CEO of Pfizer, the CFO of Walmart and other industry leaders. Lawrence’s work has been profiled in the New York Times and The Harvard Business Review. Lawrence has also contributed articles to The Harvard Management Update, The Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance, CFO Magazine, Strategic Finance, BPM Magazine and other industry leading publications. We are grateful and thankful Larry was able to join Count Me In to share his insight and expertise as it relates particularly to strategy execution and creating long-term value within the organization. This episode highlights many great explanations and a brief case study to effectively explain the importance of aligning strategy with the various functions of a business. Download and listen now!

Ep. 45: Anders Liu-Lindberg - "Insight x Influence = IMPACT"

Anders Liu-Lindberg, co-founder, COO and CMO of the Business Partnering Institute, comes to Count Me In to share his insights into business partnering. Anders has ten years of experience as a business partner at global transport and logistics company Maersk. He’s a long-time blogger and co-author of the book “Create Value as a Finance Business Partner” (link in show notes). His conversation covers exactly what business partnering entails, how to get more time as a business partner, and the development process for ultimately creating an impact for your organization. To learn the steps necessary to become a business partner and be better prepared for future changes in the industry, download and listen now!

Ep. 44: Sarah Elliott - Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership

Sarah Elliott, PCC, CPA, and Co-Founder of Intend2Lead, joins Count Me In to talk about her accounting background, her interest and desire to start and run her own business, and how her accounting skills enabled her to efficiently and effectively run her businesses. Sarah believes the future of the accounting profession depends on our capacity to love. Through one-to-one coaching, group learning, and innovation labs, she helps CPAs access the possibility dimension: the place where fear is no longer the enemy. Prior to founding Intend2Lead, Sarah consistently balanced client service, firm management and industry leadership throughout her 14-year career as a practicing CPA. She spent ten years at PwC, where she performed a two-year rotation in their National Office. Sarah is an author, speaker and instructor on coaching and leadership development and an advocate for women in the CPA profession. In 2019, she was recognized by Practice Ignition as one of the Top 50 Women in Accounting. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, she was recognized by AICPA and CPA Practice Advisor as one of the Most Powerful Women in Accounting. Sarah has excellent insight and perspective on the importance of leadership and communication in the accounting profession, so download, listen, rate, and review now!

Ep. 43: Hiten Keshave - Who is a Disruptive Leader? | CFO Mindset

Hiten Keshave, CA(SA), MBA, CFO of PRP Solutions, joins Count Me In to talk about the mindset of and opportunities available to today's finance leaders. Hiten has a broad-based background including skill sets in leadership, finance, commercials and entrepreneurship, with a proven track record of starting 3 successful businesses and implementing successful turnaround solutions and strategies at these 3 organizations, getting them to sustainable growth levels. His passion for (and implementation of) Bottom Up Leadership and Mindshift Leadership distinguishes him as an individual and disruptive leader. His guidance, mentoring and training to businesses and individuals, resonates in the success stories of individuals under his leadership. Hiten’s motto in life is “Impacting peoples lives and businesses positively for future sustainability”. This episode covers all of Hiten's perspectives and outlines the job creator capabilities of AI/RPA, who a disruptive leader is and what they do, and how to measure all this success. Download, listen, rate, and review now!

BONUS | IMA's Young Professional Leadership Experience

Each October, IMA offers a small group of select young professionals (under age 33) a first-hand look into the inner workings of our Global Board of Directors and committees. Winners of the Young Professional Leadership Experience have the unique opportunity to attend the Board and committee meetings, meet staff and volunteer leaders, contribute ideas, and gain valuable leadership experience. Over the last few months, we, at Count Me In, held conversations with previous YP Leadership Experience winners. We selected snippets of each conversation to tell the story about what a Young Professional's background looks like, what skills they've recognized as most valuable early in their careers, what leadership in accounting looks like, and what advice they have for future students or Young Professionals. Our guests, in order, are Jayada Samudra, CMA (Finance and Operations Coordinator), Izz Ansari, CMA (Assistant Manager, KPMG Advisory), Tiffany Larsen, CMA (Finance/Accounting Analyst), and Hari Ramasubramanian, CMA (Doctoral student at Michigan State University). Additional information about IMA's Young Professional Leadership Experience can be found in the show notes. Listen now!

Ep. 42: Robert Koechig - Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Solutions

Robert Koechig, President at TEG IQ, is a proven business leader, with over 10 years of executive roles in both operations and technology. He uses his skill set to solve business challenges with a combination of technology and human capital. He enables companies to unlock value from business intelligence, using real-time reporting, data visualization, and dashboard tools. Through these tools, business owners are able to view and understand their business’ performance quickly. In addition, he helps companies identify, improve, and streamline complex work processes. In this episode of Count Me In, we call on Robert's expertise and ask him to explain particular areas of emphasis when it comes to data analytics and business intelligence--especially those aspects that are often overlooked--as he and others at TEG IQ strive to assist companies in the management of data and insights. Download to listen now!

Ep. 41: Ivo Sokolov - Data Engineering

Ivailo Sokolv, CMA, MBA, Data Office Division Co-Lead at BAWAG P.S.K. in Austria, joins Count Me In to talk about data engineering and how it fits into accounting and finance. With current responsibilities pertaining to data engineering, project governance, and cloud software development, Ivo is able to explain how data flows through an organization and how the finance function can enhance their skills to better take advantage of the opportunities in front of them through data engineering. Potential impacts on forecasts and analyzing financials, this advanced skillset is highly beneficial to those in the management accounting world today. To learn more about data across an organization and why accountants should care about data engineering, download this episode and let Ivo Sokolov explain it to you!

Ep. 40: Loreal Jiles - How Real is RPA in Finance and Accounting?

Loreal Jiles is RPA Product Owner of BP’s Upstream Finance organization leading the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) program globally. Loreal plays a critical part in designing and executing a digital upskilling agenda, fostering ideation and leading implementation of RPA and Artificial Intelligence. Prior to this position, Loreal held a host of finance, accounting, transformation and change management roles across the Upstream, Corporate & Functions and Integrated Supply and Trading segments in nearly 15 years at BP. RPA is still a mystery to many, and today’s accountants may wonder how it will affect their roles in their organization. In today’s episode of Count Me In, Loreal shares this cross-functional expertise and discusses the practicality of RPA and robots in accounting. As part of the conversation, Loreal simplifies and explains many RPA terms while sharing her personal experiences and predictions. If you're interested in better understanding how real RPA is for accounting and finance professionals, download and listen to this episode now!

Ep. 39: Olya Kovnatska - Mentoring the IMA Way

January is National Mentoring Month and IMA would like to recognize a few of our members and their contributions to their respective mentoring relationships. Olya Kovnatska, Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis at United Rentals in Stamford, CT, is an active IMA member who is passionate about mentoring. In this episode, she starts off our conversation by explaining the basic benefits of mentoring for the mentor and the mentee. Throughout the episode, Olya is joined by two finance individuals who are equally as passionate about mentoring--Anthony Sperduti, Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis at United Rentals in Stamford, CT, and Tatyana Corban, Principal Consultant from Portland, OR. This is a great high-level episode for those who may be interested in finding a mentor or simply curious about how practical it is to work with a mentor. Olya talks about the organizational benefits such a relationship can have, as well, and some general points about working with others. Download, listen, rate, and review now!

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