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Ep. 43: Hiten Keshave - Who is a Disruptive Leader? | CFO Mindset

Hiten Keshave, CA(SA), MBA, CFO of PRP Solutions, joins Count Me In to talk about the mindset of and opportunities available to today's finance leaders. Hiten has a broad-based background including skill sets in leadership, finance, commercials and entrepreneurship, with a proven track record of starting 3 successful businesses and implementing successful turnaround solutions and strategies at these 3 organizations, getting them to sustainable growth levels. His passion for (and implementation of) Bottom Up Leadership and Mindshift Leadership distinguishes him as an individual and disruptive leader. His guidance, mentoring and training to businesses and individuals, resonates in the success stories of individuals under his leadership. Hiten’s motto in life is “Impacting peoples lives and businesses positively for future sustainability”. This episode covers all of Hiten's perspectives and outlines the job creator capabilities of AI/RPA, who a disruptive leader is and what they do, and how to measure all this success. Download, listen, rate, and review now!

BONUS | IMA's Young Professional Leadership Experience

Each October, IMA offers a small group of select young professionals (under age 33) a first-hand look into the inner workings of our Global Board of Directors and committees. Winners of the Young Professional Leadership Experience have the unique opportunity to attend the Board and committee meetings, meet staff and volunteer leaders, contribute ideas, and gain valuable leadership experience. Over the last few months, we, at Count Me In, held conversations with previous YP Leadership Experience winners. We selected snippets of each conversation to tell the story about what a Young Professional's background looks like, what skills they've recognized as most valuable early in their careers, what leadership in accounting looks like, and what advice they have for future students or Young Professionals. Our guests, in order, are Jayada Samudra, CMA (Finance and Operations Coordinator), Izz Ansari, CMA (Assistant Manager, KPMG Advisory), Tiffany Larsen, CMA (Finance/Accounting Analyst), and Hari Ramasubramanian, CMA (Doctoral student at Michigan State University). Additional information about IMA's Young Professional Leadership Experience can be found in the show notes. Listen now!

Ep. 42: Robert Koechig - Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Solutions

Robert Koechig, President at TEG IQ, is a proven business leader, with over 10 years of executive roles in both operations and technology. He uses his skill set to solve business challenges with a combination of technology and human capital. He enables companies to unlock value from business intelligence, using real-time reporting, data visualization, and dashboard tools. Through these tools, business owners are able to view and understand their business’ performance quickly. In addition, he helps companies identify, improve, and streamline complex work processes. In this episode of Count Me In, we call on Robert's expertise and ask him to explain particular areas of emphasis when it comes to data analytics and business intelligence--especially those aspects that are often overlooked--as he and others at TEG IQ strive to assist companies in the management of data and insights. Download to listen now!

Ep. 41: Ivo Sokolov - Data Engineering

Ivailo Sokolv, CMA, MBA, Data Office Division Co-Lead at BAWAG P.S.K. in Austria, joins Count Me In to talk about data engineering and how it fits into accounting and finance. With current responsibilities pertaining to data engineering, project governance, and cloud software development, Ivo is able to explain how data flows through an organization and how the finance function can enhance their skills to better take advantage of the opportunities in front of them through data engineering. Potential impacts on forecasts and analyzing financials, this advanced skillset is highly beneficial to those in the management accounting world today. To learn more about data across an organization and why accountants should care about data engineering, download this episode and let Ivo Sokolov explain it to you!

Ep. 40: Loreal Jiles - How Real is RPA in Finance and Accounting?

Loreal Jiles is RPA Product Owner of BP’s Upstream Finance organization leading the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) program globally. Loreal plays a critical part in designing and executing a digital upskilling agenda, fostering ideation and leading implementation of RPA and Artificial Intelligence. Prior to this position, Loreal held a host of finance, accounting, transformation and change management roles across the Upstream, Corporate & Functions and Integrated Supply and Trading segments in nearly 15 years at BP. RPA is still a mystery to many, and today’s accountants may wonder how it will affect their roles in their organization. In today’s episode of Count Me In, Loreal shares this cross-functional expertise and discusses the practicality of RPA and robots in accounting. As part of the conversation, Loreal simplifies and explains many RPA terms while sharing her personal experiences and predictions. If you're interested in better understanding how real RPA is for accounting and finance professionals, download and listen to this episode now!

Ep. 39: Olya Kovnatska - Mentoring the IMA Way

January is National Mentoring Month and IMA would like to recognize a few of our members and their contributions to their respective mentoring relationships. Olya Kovnatska, Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis at United Rentals in Stamford, CT, is an active IMA member who is passionate about mentoring. In this episode, she starts off our conversation by explaining the basic benefits of mentoring for the mentor and the mentee. Throughout the episode, Olya is joined by two finance individuals who are equally as passionate about mentoring--Anthony Sperduti, Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis at United Rentals in Stamford, CT, and Tatyana Corban, Principal Consultant from Portland, OR. This is a great high-level episode for those who may be interested in finding a mentor or simply curious about how practical it is to work with a mentor. Olya talks about the organizational benefits such a relationship can have, as well, and some general points about working with others. Download, listen, rate, and review now!

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