Yerbol Orynbayev

Yerbol Orynbayev

Yerbol Orynbayev is an independent financial services consultant and former Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, and is now based in Washington DC. He advises leading financial services and technology companies and has held a number of senior positions in private financial, research, and technology companies. Prior to his consultancy career, Orynbayev served as the Deputy Prime Minister from 2007-2013 and Aide to the President on economic policy from 2013-2015. He also worked as the Governor of the World Bank on behalf of Kazakhstan, and helped to steer the nation out of the Financial Crisis in 2008. He was Chairman of First Heartland Securities and held a number of Board-level roles at the National Bank of Kazakhstan and Agency for Regulations of Financial Markets.

Appears in 1 Episode

Ep. 250: Yerbol Orynbayev - Lessons in Crisis Management and Restructuring

Welcome to the Count Me In Podcast! Join host Adam Larson as he chats with the insightful Yerbol Orynbayev, a seasoned leader with a wealth of experience in both the p...

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