Soufyan Hamid

Soufyan Hamid

With more than 15 years of corporate experience, Soufyan is based in Brussels and is a recognized expert who specializes in improving the presentation skills of FP&A teams located worldwide through his online bootcamps and training. After holding executive positions with firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte, he founded SouFBP. His global consulting firm helps finance professionals located anywhere master the delivery of their presentations by improving their preparation, messaging and visuals. Soufyan’s training fills the void in finance training that is often missed for most professionals, and enables them to excel through his proprietary method called “The Financial Storytelling Program.”

Appears in 1 Episode

Ep. 254: Soufyan Hamid - Mastering the Art of Finance Storytelling

Welcome to the Count Me In Podcast! In this episode, host Adam Larson invites Soufyan Hamid, a highly experienced finance professional with over 15 years in the indust...

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