Ep. 115: David Wray - Accelerating your “Power of Potential” for Business and Personal skills

David Wray, Finance Executive in a Fortune 50 Multinational and now author, joins Count Me In again to talk about his approach towards acquiring new skills. The Harvard Business Review in October 2019 investigated where learning and development goes wrong. They found that organizations spend about U$360 Billion on training, asking the provocative question: whether or not it was worth it? In this episode, David shares his thoughts on whether organizational spending on learning and development offers a good return on investment. He also explains how his learning approach is different from others out there and goes into detail about the concepts of unconscious competence and conscious competence. For those of you interested in learning about learning, seeking advice on how to self-assess your own skills, and/or looking for more information on personal and professional development in the future, download this episode and listen to it now!

Contact David Wray: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-w-29627882/

David's Website: https://davidwray.com (*access David's book and/or blog here)
Want to join David's LinkedIn Group?! https://www.linkedin.com/company/37817090/

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